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The Measure of a Good Home

When it comes to apartments, an enjoyable space is a matter of organization, smart furniture choices, key lighting, and harmonized color.

Adequate storage is a must when it comes to modest apartments. Thoughtfully fitted drawers and cabinet options, some tucked into nooks to maximize every inch of your living space, are a godsend. There are all kinds of solutions available, from ready-made furniture with built in cabinetry, to made-to-measure options online. 
• Mandaue Foam
• Furniture Republic

Smart furniture choices
When furnishing your apartment, it’s easy to get carried away with items that look nice but make little practical sense in a smaller context. Do you really need a giant bookshelf or does a media cabinet provide enough shelving and storage for all your gear? Would a fold-out sofa bed make more sense than a stylish but bulky chaise lounge? Measure your space, think through your pressing needs, and choose good furniture that is not just fancy, but fits.

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Key lighting
It’s amazing how many people still think a bulb in the center of a room is an appropriate lighting solution. Liven up your space with corner lights in the ceiling and lamps on the floor. Create drama with LED strips strategically placed behind mirrors or under kitchen cabinets. Directional spotlights can highlight wall art; table lamps can make even the most spartan room a lot more warm and cozy. Invest in good lighting, your apartment will shine in more ways than one.

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Harmonized color
Interior walls of just a single color can be pretty drab after a while. Introduce some flair with color schemes that match your personality or evoke different moods. Green walls and balsa wood accents make for a soothing lounge; yellow tiles and orange splashes are great for sunny, invigorating kitchens. The point is, color is your greatest ally in transforming a room – just make sure you choose colors that match to ensure interior harmony.
And if you’d like a place you can truly make your own, Commonwealth Suites give you room to be your stylish self. 


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