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Summer in the City

Summer in the tropics is usually associated with cocktails by the beach, laying out poolside, having dinner al fresco and walking on the sand, barefoot. All the pleasures of the season, however, need not be relegated to beach vacations and out of town holidays. Even city dwellers spending summer in the middle of Manila’s stifling heat can recreate a tropical vibe in the middle of the bustling metro.

Chill by the Water

The trick to maximizing summer in the city starts in your home If you’ve just moved into to a hyper-amenitized condo unit, for example, you’ve got quick and easy access to most assets you’ll find at a top-tier resort. Scoring the ultimate in #condogoals by moving into Azure Urban Resort Residences, for example, gives you easy access to your very own Azure beach, allowing you to reset, relax, and refresh yourself. Hanging out by a lap pool enables you to channel that luxe vacation you’re craving for without having to take off.

Work up a Sweat

Early mornings and long afternoons make summer the perfect time to hit the outdoors and get your heart pumping. By navigating real estate in the Philippines wisely, you’ll find a dwelling place that encourages you to get active. Azure Urban Resort Residences offers a beach volleyball court so you can practice your serve or train with your team.

And if a leisurely walk is more your pace, consider taking a stroll at the Azure Roof Deck, where you’ll be surrounded by leafy gardens, fantastic views, and wooden decks for resting those limbs. The summer body you’re gunning for doesn’t have to be out of reach, especially when you situate yourself in the right environment.

Chow Down

If you feel you’re missing out on the fresh seafood and outdoor dining that comes with a beach vacation, remember that Metro Manila is bustling with new hole in the walls, conceptual restaurants, and artisanal markets at every corner—you just have to know where to look.

Spend your morning at the BF Saturday Market, which offers fresh produce and world cuisine at affordable prices. There’s nothing tastier than having a sampling of local fare cooked right in front of you! And if you’re in the mood for seafood prepared exactly how you want it, visit the Original Dampa,where fresh catch is cooked according to your tastes and preferences, on the spot.

Get Out

The trick to imbibing a tropical summer in the city is to put yourself out there. Travel your city like the locals—just as you would do in one of the Philippines’ beaches. Take a tricycle to explore your neighborhood’s popular haunts and parks.

Just because you can’t take a leave from work this season, or are busy settling into your new condo (congratulations!), doesn’t mean you can’t live your best summer life in the tropics. Get creative, get inspired, and say hello to the sun straight from the city by scoring yourself a condo unit in Azure Urban Resort Residences. You’ll have access to The Paris Beach Club, with its world class dining, entertainment and relaxation facilities. Another option is to try it out first by treating yourself to a summer staycation! Reserve a unit through Siglo Suites. You’ll find your summer oasis in the heart of the city!


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