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Spire of luxury

Century Spire, the first luxury mixed-use tower in the Asia-Pacific region designed by Giorgio Armani, continues to draw interest from well-heeled Filipinos and foreign investors in search of rare finds. “Excitement always surrounds such developments, especially if its value is magnified by a design brand that is revered the world over,” said Robbie Antonio, managing director of the Century Properties Group.

“Through its interior design for Century Spire, Armani/Casa captures the Asian market with finer tastes in luxury,” he added. Complementing the elegance of Armani/Casa’s design is the arresting tower architecture of Daniel Libeskind. “I’m interested in the dialogue between two companies that have different “languages”: that of a rigorous Armani style and the unpredictable style of architecture called “deconstructive”, with shapes that seem to break the rules,” explained Armani.


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