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Seven minutes with Paris Hilton

Minutes after the press con that officially launched the Paris Beach Club she designed at Century Properties’ Azure Urban Resort Residences and just before the beach party where she surprised the crowd by taking over the DJ booth and spinning, Super sat down with Paris Hilton to talk about her first foray into real еstatе, her new career as a DJ and how she connects with her “superfans.”

How involved were you in designing and conceptualizing the beach club?
I was involved in every step of the way for the past three years. When I came here, they showed me the different models and what they were doing. And then I went in and brought all my different inspirations and made mood boards and books. I put so much work into this. So to see it actually come to life and be here today is just so incredible.

What makes the Paris Beach Club Paris?
The Paris Beach Club is just very me. If I were to design a property, this is exactly the way it would be, from the way it’s designed to all the amenities, just the vibe of it. It’s just a very fun and exciting place.

What do you love about it?
I love everything about it. I think it’s designed so beautifully, I love all the colors, I love that it’s so modern, just the hallways, how they light up, every detail about it is me. And if I lived in the Philippines, I would definitely live here.

What’s it like working with Century Properties?
I love working with Century Properties. The Antonio family is so kind and so true. They’re so trustworthy. Everything they say, they do. I look forward to doing future projects with them. They really exceeded all my expectations. I had no clue that this property would be so incredible. I can’t wait to work with them on future projects.

Is it true that your DJing mentor is Dave Garnish, the British producer and engineer who runs Garnish Music Production Schools in London and Hollywood?
Yeah, we’ve been working together the past couple of years. He has really taught me a lot. I started off using CDJs and Rekordbox, and then I started doing Ableton and then from there, Serato. And now he’s taught me how to do Traktor S4, this new software which I love, and I’ve learned a lot from him.

You will be spinning tonight at the Azure beach party. Any favorite songs that you’ll be playing for your Filipino friends?
Yes. I’m really excited to be playing. When I found out that they’re throwing such a big party and that there’s gonna be a big DJ booth and such a huge production, I said, ‘This is my property so it’s important that I do a surprise performance for everyone who lives here.’ I’m excited. I put together a really fun set of cool songs, I’m playing a fun remix by Bruno Mars—I know he’s coming out here in the next couple of weeks for a concert—and then some Michael Jackson and Calvin Harris and some Tiesto. It will be fun.

You continue to work super hard— what drives you and inspires you?
I’ve just been really inspired by my family. Growing up in the Hilton family, I always really admired my great grandfather and grandfather and all the work they did and the empire they built. It’s definitely a lot to live up to and I have big aspirations in life. I owe a lot of that to my family members because they really made me want to do something with my life and I feel like I’ve really created so much and all my dreams are coming true and I’m so blessed.

What were your favorite memories from your previous trip to the Philippines?
The last trip here was a lot of work. It was really fun to get to know the Antonio family better, spend time with them and get to see all the properties they’ve done, which was really inspirational when I was putting together designs for this property. I love the people. I really enjoyed going to my stores and meeting all the fans. I really love the Filipino people. They’re so sweet and kind and make me smile.

We watched a video of you connecting with a fan in Shanghai. You did the same with your fan, Isha Dinio, the last time you were here— how important are your fans to you?
My fans mean the world to me. I love them so much. That’s what I really love about social media. You can really stay connected with them and be in contact. It’s really great. When I travel around the world, I always make sure to meet some of my biggest superfans. If I’m having an event or a party or just any appearance, I always DM them on Twitter and then we’ll meet up. It’s great when I travel the world, I get to do that and meet my fans everywhere.

We love that you wore the creation of Filipino designer Albert Andrada through the Haus of Milani to the Grammys this year. Why did you choose that dress?
I love that dress. I thought it was so stunning. I love Filipino designers. Albert’s amazing. I wore a lot of his dresses in LA. I think that was one of my favorite looks I’ve ever worn. It was really elegant and beautiful and reminded me of something that Princess Grace Kelly would wear.

Fashion has always been a big part of your life—who are the designers you love now?
I love a lot of designers but my favorites are Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. I really like Alice and Olivia, Fendi and Christian Dior.

Who are you wearing now?
This is Ronny Kobo.

What about the striped dress you wore at the press con?
That was Alice and Olivia.

Is this the dress you’re going to wear to the party tonight?
No, I’m going to change. I’m doing a lot of outfit changes tonight. I want to promote my project as much as possible, so I think it’s nice to do a lot of costume changes throughout the day.

You travel a lot—what’s the first thing you like to do when you get home?
Yes, I travel a lot, so when I’m at home, I love just to throw on a sweat suit and comfortable socks, and go into my backyard and in my puppy house and play with all my animals, and then bring them upstairs to my room. We just chill in bed and watch Apple TV and catch up on all the shows and movies that are new and that are coming out. And I love to cook. When I’m at home, I just love to cook.

We hear you make a great lasagna.
I do. I can cook anything, but lasagna is my specialty.

Your dog, Peter Pan, is adorable. How many pets do you have now?
I have like 32 pets. I love them.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer | March 15, 2014


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