Named after the free-falling rapids of the mighty Congo River, Acqua Livingstone gracefully combines nature’s majesty with man’s inherent facility for beauty and invention.

Right within nature’s embrace stands a tower bedecked in delight. An unmistakable aesthetic of living, breathing design.

Century Properties honors MISSONIHOME and brings it to a backdrop of natural light where it can truly shine.


Livingstone is the fourth tower to rise from Acqua Private Residences, a masterpiece development taking its cue from nature’s blueprint. The tower’s façade evokes the bend and flow of cascading water, a liquid architecture that shimmers in the sun and sparkles at night. An architecture that holds itself up to the magic it keeps inside.

Designer Living through Living Design

Acqua Livingstone stands proud as the world’s first and only Missoni branded home.

A partnership that brings a stylistic twist to a fabled property…

A kaleidoscope of textures and colors greet residents and visitors alike…

Lobbies, hallways, and rooms are defined by the bold and the vibrant…

Interior Design:

The Missoni brand is known for bold color palettes seemingly caught in a frozen firework of textures and patterns. Geometrics, florals, stripes, abstracts, each Missoni print is designed to make a visually striking statement, in expressions of wearable and livable art.

Based in Varese, Italy, Missoni traces its roots to 1953, when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni decided to use a scarf machine to knit dresses instead. The light-as-air fabrics in candy-bright colors remain an editorial and fashion favorite, giving the brand an iconic stature in a land of fashion giants.

The Missoni palette has since expanded to decorative home furnishings and textiles, extending its kaleidoscope canvas to go beyond the sartorial sentence into an imperative of interior design.

The vaunted house of Missoni, now in its 3rd generation, prides itself for weaving a pattern of success that is more about family and relationships as it is about business and fashion.

For this familial passion and love for quality craftsmanship and design, Century Properties is honored to partner with Missoni, creating the first and only Missoni-branded homes in the world.


The Canopy at Acqua Livingstone is the pinnacle of the Missoni-Acqua partnership fully realized; the highs of a true branded residential experience. With its charismatic interiors and game-changing amenities, Acqua Livingstone interior design by MISSONIHOME, is more than just a residential building. It’s the heightened expression of a lifestyle.

The Canopy is named after the uppermost layer of a forest, formed by the crown of trees.

Perched atop Acqua Livingstone with sweeping vistas of the Pasig River and the Makati skyline, The Canopy is a split level complex built around a holistic view of human pursuits. Each aspect of the human existence is attended to in pleasing ways via activity hubs that span three different levels of The Canopy and provides the perfect venue for a textural approach to a lifestyle:

Contains functions rooms, business centers, gyms, library, and other amenities that promote health, wellbeing, and cultural curiosity.
Is a social space dedicated to interaction and entertainment. It houses an amphitheater, DJ booth and dance floor, pool, and BBQ facilities, ideal for parties and get-togethers.

Tying these two levels together is an organic wire-mesh tree that winds its way up and connects to the mezzanine floor, The Canopy’s crowning platform. Here, you can enjoy a meal in the open-air dining area or just pause and enjoy the sights on wooden observation decks.

Whether it’s basking in the morning sun over a cup of coffee or late night dinner with city lights, The Canopy’s mezzanine floor is a remarkable place to start or end the day.


At Acqua, unit configurations are carefully planned to suit your need for ample living and breathing space. There are 14 units to a floor with south units facing Makati and north units facing Manila and Mandaluyong. A typical floor houses six (6) 2-bedroom units and eight (8) 1-bedroom units. Certain units may be combined to accommodate larger space for growing families or young couples who are planning ahead.



Drawing on a deeply hued story – from creating stylistic knitwear to designing Missoni-branded hotel interiors – Missoni interprets Acqua Livingstone in a refreshingly unique and visually delightful palette.

Each space is crafted to suit a variety of tastes. Missoni’s emphasis on playful designs and warm colors is especially suitable not only for the fashion forward urban citizen but for families both big and small; residents who understand that life is always better and more colorful when shared with those you love.

From the signature kinetic Missoni patterns to the bold yet thoughtful use of color, each amenity area becomes an amazing display of textures, hues, and compositions.

Each interior design below is designed to inspire* you as you consider how to decorate your future home.


Cool, calm, and collected


Vivid and sophisticated


Bright and Playful


Warm and inviting.


Acqua Livingstone is a tower within the Acqua Private Residences, located on the regenerating Pasig River in Coronado Street, where Mandaluyong meets Makati. Accessible via the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge, it is also connected to the Makati Central Business District via the newly constructed Estrella-Pantaleon bridge, making it truly a stone’s throw away from all of Makati’s top attractions.


We endeavor to release construction updates every quarter. Please check back to monitor the progress of this project.

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