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Pia Wurtzbach Gets Real About Condo Living

For a milestone as monumental as owning a first home, the journey can be riddled with uncertainty. Choosing the right property takes research and taking that first step can be full of doubts. If you’re still second-guessing yourself, Century Properties homeowner Pia Wurtzbach poses this question, “if not now, when?”

In the second episode of At Home with Pia Wurtzbach, now posted on the developer’s Youtube channel, Queen P shared how condo living is perfect for her lifestyle. From savoring the conveniences it offers to relying on the professional management team of the property she lives in, Pia loves being a condo homeowner. “I love living in a condo because I don’t have worries, relax ka lang and everything is being taken care of,” she says.

Pia, who juggles different engagements and often flies abroad because of work commitments, values the peace of mind condo living offers. If you’re thinking of buying or moving into a condo unit, here are lessons Pia learned that can help you along the way, too:

#1. Transform the condo unit into your dream space.

“One thing I learned, hindi naman pala natin kailangan lumabas to get things done. It’s just a little adjustment in the beginning. Make sure you have everything you need in your home,” Pia shares. The beauty queen believes that as long as you have everything you need in your condo, you can accomplish so many things. By making the most of the space you have, you can work, exercise, and have fun!

What else can complete a home? Your furry friends, of course! Century Properties takes pride in its pet-friendly communities. After all, our dear pets are part of the family, too.

#2. Make the most of the amenities.

Prior to the pandemic, Pia says that she uses the available amenities in the property she lives in. “Laman ako ng gym, sa swimming pool,” she muses. Who says there’s nothing much to do in a condo? It’s up to you to utilize the facilities available around you. Depending on the features of the property, you can walk around an open space, stay active, swim, learn how to cook, and many more. With safety protocols in place, Century Properties puts your health above all else by making sure common areas and amenities are sanitized.

#3.  The building personnel are your best friends.

In any Century Properties development, homeowners are assured of professional service from its equipped property management team. From the moment you step inside the building to the second you turn the key to your unit, you will feel safe and special. “You feel safe and there’s a sense of security because they check your temperature, there are no unwanted visitors coming in,” relates Pia.

Apart from top-notch security, Century homeowners can also rely on the concierge team for any assistance they may need. All it takes is a quick call – if you have inquiries or a concern that needs to be addressed, you can count on the concierge for help.

#4. Living in a condo is worth it.

It’s no secret that monthly homeowners’ association fees make some second-guess the idea of investing in a condo unit. Truth be told, owning and living in a condo is more budget-friendly and time-saving compared to maintaining a house. Whenever you have busted pipes or you need assistance with minor repairs, a quick call to the concierge will bring the engineering team to your doorstep.

“Houses are more expensive and high-maintenance,” says Pia. “The dues you’re paying it goes to the cleanliness and maintenance of the place you’re living in. Alam mo kung saan napupunta ang binabayaran mo. Makikita mo naman,” she adds. The property management team of Century Properties also holds regular emergency preparedness drills to make sure the equipment they have are working well and the team knows what to do in case of emergencies.

Security, convenience, and time for the things you love – these are priceless rewards you get from condo living.

#5. Be creative.

Living in a condo doesn’t mean you only have four walls to move around in. If you have a balcony at your disposal, you can consider this as an outdoor space you own. Use it to your advantage! Create a workspace, an exercise area, or even as a home for your plants. Pia utilized the balcony in her unit by caring for potted plants. “Just having plants around helps with your mood. You feel relaxed. Kung naka-condo ka, sobrang bonus ang balcony,” she muses.

Your space, your rules – exercise your creativity in styling the space! Treat your balcony as a hangout spot where you can take a breather and do some of your hobbies! Read, write, and care for plants – it’s all up to you.

#6. Say yes to adulting.

Moving out of the family home and settling into your own space is like moving out of your comfort zone. In your own home, you need to prepare your own food, do the laundy, and pay the bills. Don’t let these adulting steps discourage you from having your own condo unit. “It’s a life lesson. I learned so much because I moved out of my mom’s when I was 18. It teaches you to be responsible, to be independent. Pati pag-budget and pag-maintain. These important lessons can be applied to other things, too,” says Pia.

Any big change requires an adjustment period. Allow yourself to breathe and learn as a first-time homeowner. Before you know it, you’re running the space like a real boss.

Like Pia, you too, can be a proud condo homeowner! Take that first step and be on your way to owning a Century home. Watch the rest of At Home with Pia Episode 2 when you log on to Century Properties’ Youtube Channel:

To learn more about Century Properties and its projects, visit You can visit each property’s website, take a virtual tour, and talk to a property specialist. #YouNeedSpace to grow and live comfortably – #OwnYourCenturyHomeToday.


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