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Philippine Creative Meetup for Writers held at Century Café

In the olden days, when one thinks of “writer”, one usually conjures an image of a person locked up in a garret, hunched over a typewriter, absorbed in a world of imagination, hardly eating, sleeping or observing regular hygiene rituals.

Well today’s writers are much more into food (hello, food bloggers!), sleeping (still maybe not, haha!) and taking care of their hygiene (who wouldn’t at this sweltering heat?). They may have traded their typewriters for laptops and moved their workspaces from the attic to cozy cafes or cool co-working spaces. But that doesn’t mean writing for a living has become any less grueling and demanding, especially at the onset of the digital age where information is exchanged at lightning speeds.
So how do writers keep up their game in the information age?

That was exactly the topic at hand as seasoned and budding writers flocked to Century City Mall, Makati City for Keeping Up With Digital, a Philippine Creative Meetup last May 31, 2018.

The event was held at Century Café, an emerging hub for creativity and developing different passions. Century Café is the first café by a Philippine real estate developer which offers coffee, connectivity, condos and creativity. Whether for learning sessions, trunk shows, conferences, industry nights, and other events, Century Café has opened it doors to initiatives that build people’s passions, including the Philippine Creative Meetup. “True to our mantra, Century Properties supports emerging individuals and local brands who share our drive to build passion,” said Riz Rivera, Marketing Communications and Events Officer for Century Properties.


The two-hour session included talks from speakers Lou Albano, Managing Editor of GMA News Online, and Mike Aquino, a freelance writer and editor, followed by a lively Q&A session and refreshments. Participants also had a chance to win free movie passes from Century City Mall Cinema by posting their entries to a 10-word caption challenge on Instagram that answers the question – “How do you build your passion?”




Keeping Up with Digital for Writers : Philippine Creative Meetup was organized by GetCRAFT, Southeast Asia’s Premier Content Network and sponsored by Century Properties and Century Café.



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