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Paris Hilton in Manila

“I’m so excited to be back in the Philippines to inaugurate my first real еstatе project. It has been really great working with Century Properties on this and I’m sure the Azure residents will love the Paris Beach Club,” Hilton said in a press release.

The ground floor of this posh club features the lounge area, candy bar, playroom and locker rooms. A spa, gym, studio, game room and movie room are on the second floor, while the third floor is comprised of a restaurant, a fresco dining and a function room. In addition, the club has a Zen garden, an infinity pool and a playground.

The Azure Beach features fine sand, waterfalls and simulated beach waves. It also has an infinity pool that overflows into two private beach coves located at the development’s opposing ends.

Source: International Press Agency | March 15, 2014


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