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Owning Your Century Properties Home Takes Only 8 Steps


The thought of coming home to your own space can inspire you to work harder, but in the same measure, thinking about the process of owning the home you’ve been eyeing can be worrisome. From finding the right property and securing a unit, to filing documents and making sure you have enough funds to pay for it – the steps you need to go through can make you second-guess your decision to buy a home.

What if we tell you it doesn’t have to be as tedious? Owning your dream Century home can be done in eight steps which includes a few other must-dos. There’s no need to worry as with the help of a property specialist or a sales agent, Century Properties is with you every step of the way! You can get the keys to your space and be on your way to living your best life yet! Take note of these key processes:


Step 1: Reserve and hold your unit.

You can do this online then assess the payment term that works best for you.

Step 2: Booking.

This involves generating the documents you need and submitting these together with one proof of income.

Step 3: Contract Signing and Authentication.

Take note that there are three ways of authenticating your Contract to Sell (CTS) depending on where you are – notarization, consularization, and apostille.

Step 4: Down Payment and Bank Loan Application.

Pay your down payment or equity as indicated in your payment schedule. Payment period is different for ready-for-occupancy and preselling units.

Step 5: Bank Loan Approval.

Sign your bank home loan documents and pay your bank fees.

Step 6. Loan Release.

Once the bank releases the payment to Century Properties, your account will be qualified to the most exciting step.

Step 7. Turnover and Move in.

Your account will be endorsed to the Turnover Group (TOG). Make sure you accomplish unit inspection and punchlisting.

Step 8. Title Transfer.

The last step is important as it involves the processing of the title under your name and tax declaration.

To learn more about the processes involved in owning your Century Properties home, watch the video below:


Ready to invest in your own Century home? Chat with a property specialist when you log on to You can also email us at ask[at] Follow Century Properties on Facebook:


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