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Notable Real Еstatеs Developers in the Philippines

Getting settled in the Philippines means that you have to choose an accommodation that will better suit your needs. With a variety of options to choose from, you really need to narrow down your choices as to what fits your lifestyle. Do you want to live in a subdivision or a condominium? Are you more comfortable living in the quiet suburbs or in the midst of the metropolitan? Are you living with a family or alone? Aside from these things, you also need to consider the budget, accessibility, and safety when it comes to getting yourself a home. To help you out, here’s a list of the notable real еstatеs developers in the Philippines.

Century Properties

Century Properties is a real еstatе company that focuses on high-rise and mid-rise residential condominium and mixed-use developments. It is also known to be the developer of the tallest buildings in the Philippines, which are skyscrapers such as the Gramercy Residences, Trump Tower Manila, and the Knightsbridge Residences. Some of their properties also include Azure, Century City, Novotel Suites Manila, Essensa East Forbes, and Acqua.


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