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Not Your Ordinary Vacation Homes for Sale in Batangas: Enjoy the Fine Art of Living at Batulao Artscapes

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The Philippines is a tropical paradise that boasts of more than 7,100 islands, each one home to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders. There’s no question why its stretches of beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and even volcanoes are frequented by locals and foreign nationals alike.

So whether you’re a local fortunate enough to live in the Philippines, or an emigrant looking to make the Philippines your second home, the thought of claiming your stake in some of the country’s best vacation spots has most likely crossed your mind. Lucky for you, Batulao Artscapes is a new residential tourism and leisure development that offers extraordinary vacation homes for sale in Batangas, and here’s why they’re worth checking out!


For locals, a trip to Batangas has long been hailed as the perfect getaway. Its proximity from the city, wide choice of beaches and natural terrain, and family-friendly activities are just a couple of reasons why Filipinos vacation there. After such a hectic week, you can just pack your bags and head to Nasugbu or Calatagan for a quick dip in the beach or take a short drive for a chill night (literally) in Tagaytay.

Batangas is also teeming with all sorts of natural tourist attractions that you could dive, trek, hike, and explore, making it the perfect active retirement haven for adventurous locals and foreigners alike.

Just within the foothills of Mt. Batulao, Batulao Artscapes is your escape from the city and into a diverse, art-driven community that has almost everything within reach. Wilderness explorers can have their fill by hiking the scenic Mt. Batulao or taking a boat ride to Batangas’ famous Fortune Island.

Gourmands can explore the many flavors and cuisines in Tagaytay’s restaurants and cafes. But if an adventure’s what you’re looking for or just a drive by the city, living at Batulao Artscapes lets you do both.


Dubbed as an expansive artventure (art + adventure) community, Batulao Artscapes offers more than just vacation homes for sale in Batangas. It’s a recreational haven that celebrates a spectrum of passions – whether for Festive, Meditative, Active, and Creative people from all walks of life.

More than a traditional home purchase, Batulao Artscapes is a world-class vacation spot that lets you embrace a holistic lifestyle with nature and enjoy activities against a beautiful backdrop, such as:

  • Kayaking around the man-made lake and taking a swim at the man-made beach
  • Jogging with your friends at the trails
  • Relaxing and recharging at the spa & wellness center
  • Meditating at the floating chapel
  • Indulging in a local gastronomical adventure at the Flavor Park

For foreign national retirees, it’s now much easier and more convenient to make the Philippines your second home, all thanks to the Special Resident Retirees Visa (SRRV), a special non-immigrant visa granted by the Philippine Retirement Authority .

Batulao Artscapes is a special community as it’s a horizontal type of condominium development where foreign individuals can purchase a designer home under their name as evidenced by a Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT). This empowers both Filipinos and foreign individuals to invest on this limited edition, design-driven vacation home nestled in an active retirement community.

Whatever type of person you are – whether festive, meditative, active, creative, or a mix of it all – living in Batulao Artscapes means enjoying life’s pleasures in your own outdoor mecca.


While there are tons of homes for sale in Batangas, there’s only one community that stands out for its artistic and unique approach to living. As home construction is still well underway, we could imagine that setting foot in this community is like walking into a museum and a design paradise.

What was once an idea, Batulao Artscapes has now metamorphosed into an expansive design-driven landscape developed by innovative real estate developer Century Properties featuring designer homes by Revolution Precrafted, a pioneer in property technology and one of the fastest-growing companies throughout Southeast Asia.

In Batulao Artscapes, art isn’t an afterthought but the driving force of it all. Each home is meticulously crafted by internationally-acclaimed artists and designers to deliver revolutionary architecture and superlative style to the Philippines.

Filipino talent also has its place in Batulao Artscapes, with design virtuosos Kenneth Cobonpue and his state-of-the-art Hedera home built to make living a cutting-edge experience, Eduardo Calma’s impressive Polygonal Successions inspired by the Monocoque shell, and Budji + Royal  Architecture and Design’s Facet and Tranche.

You may also immerse yourself with art exhibits and performances at the soon-to-be-built Revolution Museums forged by notable Pritzker Prize-winning artists & architectural firms:

  • Christian de Portzamparc
  • Jean Nouvel Design
  • Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects
  • Tange Associates

Each one dedicated to the visual arts, performing arts, architecture and design, as well as art and technology, the only major museum complex of this caliber in Southeast Asia. This major feat in Philippine real estate is a vision that’s slowly being brought to life by Century Properties with Revolution Precrafted.

Batulao Artscapes isn’t just an art-driven community, but an investment piece that homebuyers can avail of at competitive pre-selling prices.

There’s still so much in life to relish and celebrate, and whether you’re in your prime or in your twilight years, you deserve to spend each precious moment at a place where you don’t just live, but you live with passion.

Experience the fine art of living at Batulao Artscapes. Visit or click here to learn more about the world’s first livable artpark


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