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New Venture Highlights Century Properties’ Mettle

Century Properties again  makes another breakthrough that would create a significant impact in the property industry with its new venture, the Centuria Medical Makati.

Centuria Medical Makati is a 28-storey medical arts center that will house more than 500 clinics to serve doctors of various medical expertise, medical tourists and local patients.

The property boasts of a spacious lobby and warmly lit, homey, welcoming surroundings, a refreshing departure from the aseptic ambience of traditional clinics.

The infrastructure will also dedicate floors for medical support facilities including a hospital-grade day surgery center, recovery suites, radiology center, pharmacy and diagnostic laboratory to be run by Hi-Precision Diagnostics.

Providing consultancy for Centuria Medical Makati’s day surgery infrastructure design is GE Healthcare, globally recognized not just for its medical equipment and healthcare solutions but also for its extensive medical infrastructure consultancy services.

“We’re very bullish about the prospects of medical tourism in the Philippines considering that the cost of treatments here is one-third of what you would pay in the United States,” said Century Properties  Executive Chairman of the Board Jose E.B. Antonio said at an investment forum.

“We have capable, good doctors. The fact is that our doctors are well-educated. We have the best nurses all over the world. We Filipinos deliver service with our signature warmth and genuine care. And the only thing we need to provide in order to serve this market are the facilities. This world-class medical arts building in the Philippines is going to be the first of its kind–our contribution to help push medical tourism,” he added.

Now on its finishing stages and slated for turnover to clinic space owners by the end of 2014,  Centuria Medical also has other advantages.

Makati is its convenient location in the heart of Makati, right across the new Century City Mall. The strategic location guarantees easy access to and from offices, major banking establishments, residential communities, and top hotels.

Centuria’s medical concierge service will assist in consultation scheduling, shuttle and hotel bookings, as well as flight arrangements should clients wish to tour the Philippines for foreign clients.

To further facilitate ease of visit, ample parking space and valet services will be provided. An ambulance service will also be made available in cases of emergency.

Source: Malaya | October 16, 2014


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