To our Century Properties partners, stakeholders, and communities,

As we closely monitor the developments on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the government’s declaration of a community quarantine in the National Capital Region, we recognize that we have entered a unique and challenging time.

Despite this, we want to assure you that your safety and well-being are our priority. We are grateful that you continue to choose us as your partner and developer, and trust us to handle your business, property investment, and home with utmost professionalism and genuine care.

To safeguard your health, we have implemented steps to ensure that all safety measures and guidelines from the Department of Health and the World Health Organization are disseminated to our properties and communities, and our property management teams are well staffed and prepared with the proper contingencies to assist the needs of our tenants and residents. We are prepared for medical emergencies, and protocols are in place should we encounter COVID-19 cases within our properties. We have no reported cases at this time, but we are preparing for all eventualities.

We also augmented our equipment and know-how to implement additional precautionary measures in our communities, including the regular disinfection of common areas and tapping the expertise of hospital-grade cleaning providers to train our teams in applying high standards of sanitation in our properties.

Our employees are likewise important to us, as they are the lifeblood of our operations and services to you. Our valuable concierge, security personnel, housekeeping, and engineering staff will continue to serve you round the clock. And to do so without compromising their health and safety, they have been equipped with protective gear and are strictly observing hygiene measures to reduce the risks of transmission.

Furthermore, our support staff who are servicing our partners, tenants, and property buyers are adopting flexible working arrangements to continue to assist you. We will be open with augmentation from personnel who will be working from home as part of the contingencies we have in place. Our partner and client-facing teams will inform you of any adjustments on this end, and we hope for your understanding as we also protect the health of our employees and their families, and support government efforts to contain the further spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Rest assured that no matter the difficulties, we are here for you and we are here to stay. Our company has been around for 34 years, with our strong foundations built upon the wisdom and experience of our management, and the expertise of our young, committed, and dependable team. We have endured disasters and economic downturns for more than three decades, and with your help and cooperation we can weather this challenge together and come back from this even stronger.

As you also do your personal assessment of what’s going on, let us know how we can help you.

If you have any concerns with your property purchase, call your agent or send our documentations and collections team a message. We are going to provide utmost consideration and assistance to our clients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Let’s talk and please don’t worry.

If you are feeling unwell or need medical assistance, call or Viber our building concierge. Our Urgent Care Clinic at Centuria Medical Makati, located in Century City, is open 24 hours for your medical needs should you feel worried about possible coronavirus symptoms or other illnesses.

Retail tenants are also welcome to contact us for questions concerning the latest guidelines from the government as malls and other public-facing establishments reduce operating hours.

In case stores have run out of alcohol, sanitizers, or hygiene kits, let our concierge know and we will do our best to help source them for you.

Contact details of our various support teams are below. Or simply reply to this e-mail so we can have someone assist you immediately.

We are here to help ease your concerns. We are confident that the resilience of Filipinos, coupled with everyone’s perseverance and cooperation, will help our country emerge stronger from this challenge.

Thank you for your time and please remember to take the necessary health precautions for you and your family. We pray for everyone’s safety as we navigate this challenge and will update you as we have new and pertinent information.


President and CEO
Century Properties Group


Please contact us for your concerns:

Urgent Care Clinic

Centuria Medical Makati

+63 2 7793 8750
Gramercy Residences


Property Management Office

+63 8888 4726
+63 917 589 6560+63 8478 5157
Knightsbridge Residences


Property Management Office

+63 917 672 4050
+63 2 8860 9500
local 100 and 101+63 2 8860 9500
local 555 and 333
Milano Residences


Property Management Office

+63 917 1447 613

+63 8814 6440

Trump Tower


Property Management Office

+632 8260 1214

+632 8260 1214
local 102 and 103

Acqua Private Residences

Concierge per Tower:


Property Management Office

Acqua Turnover Group On-site

+632 7793 8673
+632 8429 5896
+632 8296 1571
+632 8848 3322+63 2 8518 8088+632 7-793-8672
+632 8-289-7987

+63 915 473 0617

Azure Urban Resort Residences

Concierge & Property Management

Azure Turnover Group

+632 8858 5400
+639982385596+632 8-693-6301
+632 8-558-5400 local 111
+63 906-436-0554
The Residences at Commonwealth

Property Management

CMW Turnover Group


+63 927 8860 059
+63 2 8518 9773

+632 8-280-7658
+63 919-228-1136

Documents and Collections Teams




Century City and Batulao projects

+63 998 238 5596
+63 917 3129677+63 916 531 3166
+63 925 859 0487
+63 908 440 3166+63 998 531 1512
+63 916 793 5755
+63 925 859 0487

+63 956 3946940

Turnover Team

Main Office

Century City Turnover Team

+632 7-793-5556
+63 917 840 2735
+63 995 012 8012+632 7-793-5587
Titling Management Team
for all condominium projects
+63 917 858 2569
+63 917 570 2548
PHirst Park Homes Customer Care +63 2 7793 5061
Century Properties Retail Team +63 917 518 9092
+63 917 511 1867
Siglo Suites


Front Desk Offices:





+63 998 992 8042
+63 977 819 5912+63 919 082 5977+63 919 082 6003

+63 2 8373 6733
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+63 919 082 6003