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Married but not Harried: The Ultimate Chillax before the Honeymoon

Building Passion Married Couple

Smart post-wedding/pre-honeymoon staycation ideas

Building Passion Married Couple 4Most weddings are incredible, unforgettable experiences. Not only did you just blow your entire life-savings on a gown, rings, and some cake, but you also married someone you deeply love, to have and to hold, through sickness and riches, for poorer and healthier… wait, that’s not right.

It’s OK, we’re just recovering from a social event we had last night. Our brains are recalibrating. All that planning, organizing, and subsequent boozing – it’s a miracle we made it into the office today.

You know what else is stressful and can completely drain your body and brain? Yes, a wedding. Imagine pouring all your energy, love, and passion into one MAJOR event, spending months of prep and agonizing over all the details, from guests to food to clothes to finances to guests to invites to food to clothes… you get the picture. It’s TAXING. By the time you’ve said “I Do”, kissed, danced, and partied ‘til the last guest has staggered away from the reception tent, you’ve gone from NEWLY-WEDS to NEWLY-WASTED.

Building-Passion-Married-Couple-2And that’s no way to start your first day of forever. You need AT LEAST a day or two to de-stress and un-waste yourself. Many will say that’s what a honeymoon is for but honestly, whether you’re flying to the Bahamas or trekking to Scotland, you want to be fully awake and alive, not half-slumbering your way through a pina colada or having a hernia as you drag yourself up some highland castle.

The point being: you need an INTERIM solution, a pre-honeymoon getaway, a place to sleep and recover from the intensity of your wedding BEFORE you embark on your real honeymoon. Boy, do we love our all-caps today. Anyway, here are some ideas:

Summer Sanctuary

aerial shot of azure man made beach clubThe Azure Urban Resort Residences, the one with the man-made beach, wave pool, and beach club, is an excellent place to escape, post-wedding. You can shack up in one of the refreshing units, sleep off all the wedding event stress, then wake up to the quiet waves and white-sand beach outside. Order a big breakfast. Get a massage. Chill on the beach, get some pre-honeymoon sun. Then, when your blood levels have evened out and you’re sure it’s safe to return home, check out and gear up for the real honeymoon.

City Slumber

Building-Passion-Married-Couple-KnightsbridgeSometimes you just need to sleep. Especially after the wedding. So why not check into the Knightsbridge Residences whose British-inspired, “Keep Calm, Carry On” vibe is just right for the weary soul? This world-class facility is a tranquil and serene hideaway perfect for soothing the mind and the body. Their spa and several other amenities are all you need to unwind and rejuvenate. So, knock yourself out (or have a kip, as the Brits say). Honeymoons can be intense, you’re gonna need all the sleep you can get!

King (and Queen) of the World

Building-Passion-Married-Couple-GramercyGetting married is an achievement, a definitive milestone. So why not celebrate that feeling of being on top of the world by being literally on top of the world? Enter: the Gramercy Residences, one of the tallest buildings in the Philippines. The stylish, cantilevered infinity pool 37 floors off the ground and grand sunset view (the higher your floor, the more spectacular it gets) are pretty good reasons to chill out in this part of town, right after saying “I do”.

Poolside Brunch in Style

pool area at milano residencesNothing says amore like a relaxed, poolside brunch date as a married couple. OK, that’s not true – there are plenty of other things that say amore. But come on, brunch next to a pool – and no ordinary pool at that. We’re talking the Milano Residences interior designed by Versace Home. This is where you go when you’re looking to relax in true luxe style. After you’ve slept to your heart’s content, head on down to the poolside juice bar and enjoy a bite to eat; it’s a smooth way to wake up to married life and get in gear for the honeymoon.

Don’t forget, all properties are serviced by a concierge that is ready and willing to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one. So while weddings can be intense and honeymoons even more so, at least you have the option to completely chill out in between and regain some equilibrium. Plan well and visit to help with the interim getaway.

Here’s to forever!


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