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These Life-Changing Habits Will Lead You to Minimalism

These days, shifting to minimalism and making space for things we really need don’t sound too difficult. Given the time we spend at home, we have an opportunity to go through belongings, sort through them, and identify which items we can keep. If you’ve always been curious about the minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle, here’s your chance to give it a try.

The secret to minimalism boils down to how you control clutter. Since we accumulate things – from new home items and bills, to receipts and boxes – quite easily, clutter can make or break your resolve to maintain a minimalist look. It’s safe to say that clutter is the bane of any homeowner’s existence. One minute you’re glad to have a spic-and-span space, and before you know it, your newly bought groceries are taking over a corner of your home.

The phrase “a space for everything and everything in its place” is a guiding principle we can keep in mind. Don’t fret as there are habits you can develop to help you stay in line. After all, small adjustments and minor tweaks can help you achieve a long-term goal! Take note of these reminders:

#1. Monitor what you bring inside your home

Advertisements – in big, bold letters that pop on your feed are made to be enticing. Why wouldn’t you click on something that promises huge discounts or a pretty appliance that’s now available at half the price? While it’s easy to be lured into the rabbit hole of sales and freebies – ask yourself if you really need it now. If what you’re eyeing will only end up as clutter in your space then close that window and move on. Keep in mind this minimalist mindset each time you’re faced with a purchase decision: only buy something new if you can let go of something old or broken that you’re not using anymore. Use this as guide when shopping for clothes, appliances and other things so you avoid duplicating things inside your home.

Thinking twice about your purchases will not only help you maintain a minimalist space, it can help you manage your budget, too.

#2. Choose QUALITY over QUANTITY

When shopping for essentials, pick wisely. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean settling for what is cheap or inexpensive. Investing in high-quality pieces means you lessen the chances of replacing or buying a new item within a short period of time.

#3. Keep your countertops clean at all times

Whether it’s your kitchen countertop, bathroom counter, or any surface at home that can hold knickknacks – make sure it’s always spotless. Jars, bottles, small boxes, and even out-of-place catchalls – can instantly become eyesores. After thoroughly cleaning your condo unit, give it a once-over to see if there are spots you missed. Get rid of visual clutter immediately by keeping your essentials in its proper place.

Just because you’re keeping the countertops clean doesn’t mean you’ll just dump everything in your drawers and cabinets! Keep these storage nooks organized as well so you can have a designated area for every item.

#4. Sort your bills, mail, and groceries as soon you receive them

Are you the type who leaves newly bought bottles on the kitchen counter or are you one who puts groceries in the refrigerator for sorting later? Either way, you’ll be on your way to creating clutter. Avoid this by sanitizing groceries as soon as you get home and sorting them properly. Group similar items together and place them in the designated storage area. Keep fresh produce in the vegetable compartment and make sure there aren’t expired items sitting inside your fridge. The same rule applies to letters, bills, and other papers you may receive. Don’t just leave them on the counter (remember tip #3!) – deal with them now to avoid making a mess.

Bonus Tip: Declutter and simplify!

If your schedule allows, go ahead and purge unnecessary items taking up space in your closet and drawers. As you continuously let go of things that you no longer use and need, you’ll have more space for the essentials. At the end of the day, minimalism is all about simplifying your life and the systems you have in place at home – allowing you to find value in the items you already own.

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