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How to Keep Kids Busy (While Learning) at Home

Aside from juggling working from home and managing household chores, parents also have to make sure their kids are entertained during quarantine. Since we cannot go to parks and visit the mall like we used to, parents have to be creative in thinking of ways to keep the young ones occupied and still learning. From role playing and reading, to working on crafts and teaching them a few household chores – many have managed to make the most of the available time they have. After more than a month, are your kids becoming restless? You can look into online activities they can participate in as well. The options below are guaranteed to be fun and enriching for your curious kids:

Online art workshops


Ever since the ECQ started, Robert Alejandro, a renowned artist, has been offering free art classes on his Facebook page. Children of all ages, and even adults who wish to learn how to draw, can pick up tips from his hour-long classes which can be streamed on Facebook. If you missed the first sessions, there’s no need to worry as you can simply go to his Facebook page – to watch the videos again.

Since your kids will be engrossed with the lessons, you can schedule their art sessions on a weekend or at the same time when you need to work on something, too.


Similar to what Kuya Robert is going, a Bacolod-based visual artist is also teaching art online. Through her Youtube channel, Tey Sev has been uploading art tutorials kids can follow. You can pick a project you can work on together or choose one that your child can accomplish on his own.

Listening to audio books


While some parents try to manage the screen time of their kids, it can be inevitable during quarantine. Make it work for you by maximizing gadgets for reading, creating art, and listening to audio books. You can introduce your kids to some of the best audible books online for free. Through Audible by Amazon, you can search for free audio books that your kid can enjoy. There’s an incredible collection of stories to choose from, including titles that can keep them calm and engaged.

Teach them the value of time management

It will be easier for parents to run the household if their kids follow a specific schedule as well. From the moment they wake up to the activities they need to accomplish for the day, you can plot it in a schedule you can post in the house. This way, your kids can learn how to manage their time well, and how much they can allot to the various activities they want to do.

According to, daily schedules are developed based on the age, abilities, and learning capabilities of kids. It should also include morning and afternoon group time, small-family activities, morning and afternoon child-directed learning, snacks, and rest time.

Play-based indoor activities

kelly sikkema JRVxgAkzIsM unsplash

Being a parent means we are our child’s first teacher. Play-based learning activities can help reduce restlessness and can help get them to bed easily. Working with clay, preparing snacks together, playing board games and tackling activity boxes are fun yet enriching brain activities.

Home school

annie spratt ZsWaYLImZFs unsplash

Many parents have started homeschooling their children, maintaining their child’s love for learning and discovering new things. Keep their brains active by preparing easy activity sheets they can work on during the day. From practicing their penmanship to easy spelling – the options are endless. You can start with a simple routine by dividing their time for activity sheets and play.

There are educational tools available online you can use. The Center for Leadership and Change Inc. (CLCI) has opened their Franklin Covey Education portal to families and educators for free. You can log on to to check if there are tools you can use at home.


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