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How the Pandemic Will Change the Way You Buy a Home

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The pandemic has brought about many changes but we soldier on day by day – continuously adapting and learning. Without a doubt, these challenging times have taught us the value of resilience, looking after our health, and the importance of having a home. Our spaces went through transformations as well. Staying indoors and working from home pushed us to make use of every inch of space and rearranging pieces of furniture to fit our needs. We’re sure you’ve worked on one, two, or more mini makeovers!

According to design experts, interior design and how we buy a home will continue to evolve after the pandemic. If you’re in the process of deciding if you should buy a condo unit or not, here are eight factors to look into to make sure you will have a flexible space that can stand the test of time. This list applies if you already have a condo and would want to give it a revamp:

A convenient – within or outside the city – will be a huge factor


If there’s one thing we learned these past few months, it’s the importance of living close to supermarkets and commercial establishments. In an article published on Homes & Gardens, an interior designer shared that location will still be a “deciding factor” in choosing a home. Whether you choose to stay in the city or if moving out to the province is more alluring – you need to find a property that’s accessible and only minutes away from conveniences. It’s a must to be able to buy essentials, pay bills, and accomplish other errands in an hour or less.

A need for outdoor spaces

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Staying indoors for months can take its toll on anyone – especially if you’re seeing the same four walls 24/7. Being able to walk around a safe space surrounded by greenery or calming views is a plus and having access to your own outdoor space is a huge bonus. A spacious balcony not only gives homeowners an outdoor space they can retreat to after a long day, it can also keep their hands busy! Transform the space into a home office, an exercise area, a mini garden, or simply create a space where you can meditate! Having a space you can step out into without actually leaving the safety of home can do wonders for your well-being.

A shift to a minimalist-inspired aesthetic

Are you the type who loves filling empty corners at home with décor and other knickknacks? To be able to make the most of the space we have, it’s a must to decorate and furnish with a purpose. Downsize if you must, and let go of unnecessary belongings. Make space for only the essentials and keep the things you’re a hundred percent sure you will use for a long time. On a more positive note, having enough living space will encourage one to avoid buying extra material things and just be content with what you already have. Spending wisely also means you get to save for what’s really important.

A flexible yet functional home layout

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To make a condo unit look more spacious, homeowners prefer an open layout – with the common areas flowing next to each other. While this can still be the norm, design professionals see the importance of creating properly divided nooks within the home without making it look cramped. Carving out workspaces and homeschooling areas using existing pieces of furniture are vital as working and studying from home may take longer.

A functional home layout is flexible enough to be transformed according to your needs, too. If you have handpicked pieces in place and minimal clutter, it will be easier to move things around.

Rethinking how we use spaces within the home

With buying extra décor pieces not an option, it’s time to put empty and underutilized spaces to good use. Instead of having an ordinary entryway, create a disinfecting station. A table with sanitizers, a UV sterilizer, and other cleaning essentials is a good start. Make sure you also have a mat and a small rack for shoes so you don’t bring dirty pairs inside the home.

It’s also a good idea to place alcohol dispensers and disinfecting wipes on top of tables and shelves to keep these within reach.

A self-sufficient home where you can do different activities

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Staying indoors for long periods of time can get stressful. Homeowners would want to be able to do different things without stepping outside. Watching movies, cooking, baking, tending to a garden, and staying fit – these activities can be done in an expansive and well-planned condo home.

Maximizing natural light

Now more than ever, homeowners are realizing the blessing of having big windows at home. These let in plenty of natural light, enabling homeowners to soak up some sun in a way. Having natural light also comes in handy throughout the day as it helps save electricity. The added perk? Big windows help with ventilation, too! Opening windows will allow air to circulate around your space – making it airy and more comfortable.

Making the most of property management services

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From monitoring deliveries to making sure the property is safe, the property management team of a residential development is a big help on a day-to-day basis. Aside from ensuring that the property runs like a well-oiled machine, they also connect homeowners to different departments should the need arise. If a repair is needed to be done in a condo unit, they can help homeowners with it or refer an accredited contractor who is more knowledgeable, if needed.

At Century Properties, your needs and safety are priorities. Not only will you have a #condogoals home, you also get to create a safe haven that can be easily transformed to adapt to the times. Each residential development also has an equipped and professional Property Management team that handles the concierge, housekeeping, security, and engineering services, to name a few.

Units at Commonwealth by Century feature spacious balconies that can serve as a second living area, a dining nook, and a home gym. You can also depend on its Property Management team to maintain the property and make sure your needs are attended to. #YouNeedSpace to feel safe and secure. Take a tour of the property using your mobile phone or laptop today.


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