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Calling all professionals who are #MovingUpNorth – some of the best studio apartments are in The Residences at Commonwealth by Century, the perfect base to live, work, play, and enjoy professional life to its fullest.

Think about it. You’re from the south. You’re doing well at work in the metro, perhaps on the cusp of a promotion.

All your friends live up north. Perhaps you’ve got family in QC? All you need is a proper place to relocate to so you can better live your professional dream.

Enter: The Residences at Commonwealth by Century. A mid-rise development with an uncommon wealth of amenities.

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Clubhouse, Basketball Court, and Swimming Pool

From our pools, open garden spaces, gym facilities, and so much more, this community is an artful, scenic, not to mention spacious place for working professionals to maximize and enjoy their urban lives.

Plus it’s well connected to the metro, giving you access to work and destinations not only in the north but also to Makati, BGC, and Mandaluyong. You’ll have no shortage of things to do and places to see, if your base is QC.

If you’ve ever considered #MovingUpNorth like many professionals who want to be closer to the big city, this would be a great move.

Learn more about – your next home sweet home.


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