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Home is where the Heights Are

There are twelve peaks you can explore on the mount. While this may sound like a lot, the hiking guide Pinoy Mountaineer gives Mount Batulao a “4/9” difficulty score, meaning it’s a relatively easy climb.
The climate is temperate, even cooler in the mornings and afternoons, which make for a pleasurable hike (except when it rains, of course). Bring a jacket, along with water and some food supplies, so you’re not famished halfway through the journey.
The peaks provide stunning vistas of the landscape below, a visual treat that is well worth the climb. 

One trail takes you to the so-called “Peak of Deception” which features a Marian image (an attraction for the religious). The trail also leads you through a forest, an interesting contrast to the trail’s wider views.

If you’re planning to stay, there are camp sites throughout the area, which allow you to experience the outdoors at night. Mount Batulao’s quiet and starry evenings are every bit as scenic as its daytime vistas. Tagaytay’s many resorts are also nearby, if you prefer a hotel, warm showers, and urban nightlife.

In all, Mount Batulao is an idyllic and peaceful place. Why not enjoy its sights and sounds at a moment’s notice, just by stepping outside your own, unique home?


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