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Home for the Holidays? Go DIY and Recycle When Decorating!

We might be navigating through uncertain times, but in true Pinoy fashion, we’re all looking forward to the holidays. Big celebrations may be out this year, but that doesn’t mean time spent with the family in the comfort of home will be taken for granted.

If you’re in the thick of decorating the home for Christmas, you might be looking for ideas on how to spruce up the space without spending much. According to an article on Better Homes & Gardens, holiday decorating this year will be all about bright colors, recycling, and working with budget-friendly pieces. Given the times we’re living in, being resourceful and creative are the way to go. Get started by looking up pegs and inspiration on Pinterest. Once you’re set on a theme or a look, it’s time to get to work!

Decorate, have fun, and usher in the merry season with these ideas:

Go down memory lane


Nostalgia and looking back on fun times have helped us get through tough times this year. What better way to decorate than with pieces that remind us of old times? Bring out hand-me-down décor pieces and let them shine this season. From pretty ceramics from your parents’ collection to old ornaments you’ve been keeping in storage – dust them off and deep clean each. These items will surely give your home a classic, timeless holiday vibe.

Here’s a fun idea – why not print out old photos and use these as ornaments on your tree? This is an easy and heartwarming way to spruce up an old Christmas tree.


Do you have scraps of fabric hiding in your closet? Instead of wrapping gifts in paper, consider using excess fabric instead. This option doesn’t just help the environment, it can motivate you to learn something new as well such as Furoshiki or the Japanese practice of wrapping items in cloth. Don’t stress over the cloth you’re using – printed or bold colors – what you have on hand will surely work.


Just DIY

Creating something with your own hands can be more fulfilling compared to buying decorations. While it takes more time, you’ll feel accomplished knowing that some of the décor pieces are fruits of your own labor. You don’t need to work on big pieces and just take on the tiny ornaments. You can paint old Christmas balls to give it new life or decorate a tall houseplant that can serve as your tree this year.

The possibilities are endless if you will bring out your creativity. You can also make hand-painted cards you can give to friends or a small wall art you can put on display. Go online and bookmark inspirations that match the theme you have in mind. Speaking of going online, we found an interesting peg on Pinterest that you can work on over the weekend! Using plastic hangers in the same color, you can create your own Christmas lantern or snow flake wall décor. Following this quick how-to, you can have an instant décor piece that can liven up an empty wall in your space. While you can keep the hangers looking as is, you also have the option to wrap it in ribbons or spray paint it in metallic gold or silver.


Support small businesses

If you’re set on buying extra décor pieces this year, look for small businesses you can support. Upcoming brands and startups are trying to stay afloat in these trying times and buying from them will surely go a long way. You’re not only helping them stay in business, you’re also getting something that’s more meaningful to adorn your home.

You can follow design groups on Facebook for leads on small businesses you can support or be on the lookout for product posts on Instagram. Make your purchase worthwhile by getting a classic décor piece or a home item you can use all-year-round.


Harness the beauty of your home

Decorating and preparing for the New Year can be easier if you have a bright and spacious home to work with. Open your big windows and hang crisp curtains. If your home is blessed with plenty of natural light, you can complement the airy look with neutral-colored décor and pops of red or green. Got a balcony? Set up a cozy nook perfect for Hot Choco nights or if you have a mini garden, use string lights to bring them to life at night.

If you have more space to work with, decorating and cleaning can be a breeze. At Commonwealth by Century, you can get all the space you need – space to decorate and room to enjoy the holidays with the family. Just in time for the new year, you may want to move into a space you can call your own. Log on to to take a look around the property, check out the neighborhood, and see the available units – dressed or bare.

The bonus? You can also have a chat with a property specialist if you have questions about payment terms and how to reserve a unit. Without leaving your current space, you can envision your own #condogoals.


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