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Here’s Why Nasugbu, Batangas is an Ideal Location for a Fresh Start


In a couple of months, 2020 will be over and we’ll be looking forward to what 2021 will bring. Though we’re still living in uncertain times, it would help to make plans for the future, especially when it comes to investing in your home.

With roads being improved and expressways opened, the dream of settling into a quieter life in the province is now a captivating possibility. Imagine working hard in Manila then coming home to the serene embrace of a home outside its frenzy – sounds like a dream, right? If you’re looking to making this come true, you don’t need to look far.

Located just 2.5 hours from Metro Manila, Nasugbu, Batangas is a calming middle ground that lets you make the most of both worlds – the conveniences of city living and the tranquility of living in the province. Not only that, this location also puts you in the sweet spot between the best of what Tagaytay and Batangas have to offer. Still not convinced that moving to this southern gem is worth it? Read on below:

Live away from the traffic

Traffic congestion, honking cars, and a sea of red tail lights can make running errands more stressful. While living in a convenient location makes it easier, you can still get caught up in a standstill given the number of vehicles plying the roads.


Living in Batangas offers a break from the rush – allowing you to get things done without worrying about heavy traffic. The municipality of Nasugbu brings you closer to commercial hubs, essentials, health facilities, and recreation spots. In an hour or less, you can get to the supermarket and be home just in time to enjoy your hobbies. At the end of the day, why waste time on the road when you can do more of things that matter?

Savor a cleaner environment

What better way to start a new day than waking up to lush surroundings and breathing in cleaner air? You’ll instantly feel lighter and ready to take on the day’s tasks. A cleaner environment contributes to your overall well-being, giving you a change – not just of scenery but of pace as well. Being surrounded by greenery inspires you to slow down, take in the beauty around you, and achieve work-life-balance.

Take advantage of business opportunities

Who says provinces do not have potential? Gone are the days when people are quick to think that provincial locations aren’t ideal for investments. Its proximity to Metro Manila makes Batangas a hotspot for investing, add to that the presence of economic zones and industrial parks.

Nasugbu, a first-class municipality, takes pride in its contribution to the tourism industry – thanks to the must-visit beaches and terrains in the area. In addition, its agro-industrial industry also holds a ton of promise as its location is ideal for growing poultry, farming, and aquaculture, to name a few.

Make a lifetime commitment

In photo: Ed Calma’s Polygonal Successions

Location, healthier environment, exciting opportunities – these are all available to you in Batangas. Perhaps what would make the equation sweeter is the chance to make this province your home. And not just any other home, but a designer-driven community where you can thrive and take advantage of a new beginning.

Nestled on the foothills of Mt. Batulao is Batulao Artscapes, a community that puts you in neutral ground – with nature and city comforts within your reach.

Juggling work, your hobbies, and new passions won’t be a problem too because you can do it all without rushing. Batulao Artscapes embraces the less is more philosophy – less time spent in traffic means more time for the things you love. Longing to begin an active lifestyle? Run, bike, hike, and more. Given the outdoor space, you can do different activities.

In photo: Kenneth Cobonpue’s Hedera

Speaking of rush, at Batulao Artscapes, the only rush you will get will be from coming home to a space reminiscent of a work of art that’s all yours. Notable architect Ed Calma and celebrated designer Kenneth Cobonpue created timeless designs that complement the beauty of Batulao.

Calma’s Polygonal Successions is a townhome that produces repetitive faceted forms in mirror of each other like a mask, while Cobonpue’s Hedera mimics Batulao’s foliage with its distinct ivy walls. Suitable for young professionals and families alike – each home is spacious, bathed in natural light, and offers gorgeous views of the outdoors.

In photo: Hedera model unit

Looking to venture out of the premises? Tagaytay City is only 20 minutes away and the popular beaches of Batangas are well within reach, too. Nature is waving and inviting you to have a change of pace. Own a modern designer home, make time for things that matter, and live closer to things that will enrich your life. Come home to Batulao Artscapes.

Learn more about the property and take a virtual tour of the model units on your computer or mobile phone. Log on to

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