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Gov’t crafts tax perks for domestic ecozone locators

The Makati City Council has approved several resolutions endorsing the development and grant of information technology (IT) zone status to four buildings, which could open job opportunities for the city’s constituents.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay said the city government fully supports business establishments seeking IT zone status with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

PEZA promotes the establishment of economic zones in the Philippines for foreign investments. It includes registration procedures, forms, zone facts, and online reports.

The four buildings endorsed to PEZA for accreditation were McKinley Exchange Corporate Center, The Peak Tower & Century Spire.

“As we support our investors by providing them a healthy business environment, we also promote the welfare of our primary stakeholders, the citizens of Makati, by helping in the creation of more job opportunities,” Binay said.

The mayor underscored his commitment to the development of “technology-receptive citizens” who would have the right skills to meet industry demand so that Makati residents would be the first to benefit from career opportunities generated by increased local and foreign investments, spurred by the growing number of IT zones in the city.

Binay said the city government for the past two decades has continually improved the quality of its public education system to be more in step with global standards.

He said: “We have been doing everything within our power and resources to adequately prepare the youth of Makati for the challenges of rapid globalization.

Source: Manila Bulletin | August 3, 2014


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