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Francis Libiran interprets the high-rise in his high fashion show at Century City Mall

It was a grand setting for an event that was equally grand.  Manila’s newest luxury shopping edifice saw the staging of Francis Libiran’s cutting edge mix of  avant garde fashion and technology in a 34-piece collection fashion show dubbed the Gala Night of Century City Mall.   Libiran, a favorite of celebrities and socialites, who is currently making waves in the international fashion scene with his clothes worn by supermodel Tyra Banks, adds lustre to Philippine fashion with his personal demonstration of  the world-class talent that the country has to offer.

Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 host Joey Mead King and TV personality Raymond Guttierez were the masters of the ceremony while Robby Carmona of SAGA events directed the show. The fashion show was complimented by a perfect sync of the mall’s floor fountains, adding an ethereal otherworld appeal to Libiran’s clothes.

“I used light and breathable fabrics for the summer,” explained Libiran. The main materials featured in his collection are neoprene and mesh and his signature linear prints make a comeback statement.  The show opened with femme fatale maillot pieces, just the right amount of tease and playfulness.

Laser-cut mirrors become a fashion accessory for men as incorporated by Libiran in the sweatshirts presented. A pastel palette of sky blue, blush and lavender became his  fashion canvass with the female models donning  hairstyles  similar to that of Princess Leia in Star Wars.  The ensemble  had the chilly feel of a sci-fi set but kept its regal signature when done in high fashion.

The UST graduate of Architecture produced structured pieces in perfect shape and form. Libiran’s background proved useful as his pieces were flawlessly executed and finished, a known trait he’s known for in the industry. Standout pieces include origami-cut dresses and structured sweatshirts with heavy detail on the shoulders.

A playful take on LED lights and fashion was seen in Libiran’s next segment when models walked on stage in white clothing. Upon closer look, one would see the clothes coming to life in lights—an innovative take on haute couture using today’s modern technology.

The show ended with a special collection made especially for Century City Mall with their logo used as the print material.

The finale dress, worn by Ria Bolivar, exhibits Libiran’s feminine side mixed with the mall’s free spirit and fast pace.

The Gala Night with Libiran’s masterpieces for Century City Mall was a reflection of the company’s “vibrant, chic and modern” feel, with the attendees drawn from Manila’s most stylish crowd who came for a pre-party before heading to their usual spot at 71 Gramercy, the sky-top bar just a few steps away.

Graham Coates, the mall’s General Manager, welcomes everyone with enthusiasm on Century Properties’ newest venture.  “We have fantastic leisure activities, a big event area, al fresco restaurants and the store tenant mix is both top international and local brands,” he adds, “the skyline here is fantastic!”

The direction of future of malls in Metro Manila is becoming more and more  lifestyle-oriented, aimed at people who want to take their shopping experience to the next level. The rise of luxury malls are hopefully,  a good indication of the country’s ascendant economic profile.

As for Libiran and what he plans to do next, he says, “the future of fashion is only limited by one’s imagination. Everything is possible. Even clothes, by themselves, can be brought to life.” He has his eyes set on the far horizons of fashion and the talent and creativity to conquer its bespoke skies.

Source: Interaksyon | April 8, 2014


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