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Five Stylish Gadgets That Will Make Every Workaholic’s Life So Much Easier

Hard workers need hardworking tools, too.

Highly successful people work hard to get where they are, often burning the midnight oil. Apple CEO Tim Cook is first to clock in and last to clock out, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz works 13 hours every day, even on weekends, and TV mogul Oprah Winfrey runs a publication and a TV network 24/7. Working harder than the rest can help you move up the ranks to a high-paying position faster, so you can achieve life goals such as traveling around the world with family or getting a condo as an investment sooner. For people who love putting their nose to the grindstone, reaping the fruits of their labor is one of the most fulfilling feelings.

But it takes more than just putting in long hours at the office to get to the top. Yes, you need to work hard, but you need to work smart, too. You need to know how to use your time efficiently. Working hard and working smart will not only help you achieve your career goals, but attain work-life balance as well. Remember, when you’re working yourself to the bone, relationships suffer, productivity levels plummet, and your health will be at risk. Plus, you’re more likely to be crabby around people—no fun at all.

Using modern tech like the following, which are all available at Century City Mall, to lighten the load at the office could help you work smarter, and even boost your productivity. Check out these nifty gadgets that do a job well done in cutting-edge style.


Logitech K375s Multi-device Wireless Keyboard


Three devices, one keyboard to rule them all. Multi-taskers will geek out over the Logitech K375s wireless keyboard. It can connect to up to three gadgets such as a computer, tablet, and smartphone, switching seamlessly from multiple screens with a push of a button. Because it’s a full-sized keyboard with a familiar keypad layout, you can type faster—whether preparing documents, answering emails, or chatting with officemates about work—with ease, getting more work done.


iPad Pro

Beyond the Box

Equipped with a faster processor and additional RAM, the iPad Pro is an all-around productivity tool that’s powerful enough to stand-in for a traditional laptop. It’s also the perfect digital canvas for professional and neophyte creatives who want a stylish, lightweight tool they can easily carry around while on the go. Get the keyboard and Apple Pencil Stylus, which are sold separately, for the full user experience.


Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones

Digital Walker

To get work done you have to buckle down and get in the zone. If music is your muse, these Marshall Mid headphones are premium wireless on-ear headphones that provide up to 30 hours of uninterrupted music per charge. The 40mm drivers are tuned to deliver a balanced sound with the right bass kick. With bluetooth and phone functionalities, you can also take important calls and listen to your gadget’s playlist hands-free while moving around your office. The black vinyl finish and brass accents complete the rock-star vibe. Work ’n’ roll? Sounds like a good idea.


Fitbit Alta HR

Digital Walker

Tracking your ticker’s pace helps you reach your target weight, improve your exercise routines, and manage stress. The Fitbit Alta HR has a heart rate sensor which gives an accurate reading of your heart rate. It’s a smart fitness watch—yes, it can tell time, too—that can auto-detect the type of workout you are currently engaged in such as running, elliptical, biking, or aerobic workout and record your stats. Even while you’re at work doing daily activities like climbing stairs or walking to your next meeting, the Alta HR can use the data from your record to optimize your health track. There’s more to love: The design is sleek and comes in cool and classic colors fit for any style. Just the idea of being able to customize the wristband will get your pulse racing.


Dyson V6


Keeping your office spic and span can be a time-consuming but an all too important chore you have to do on a regular basis. Working in chaos is never a good idea. You need a hardworking tool that works, well, just as hard as you do. The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum has interchangeable attachments that can help you clean floors, ceilings, furniture, car seats, and even computer keyboards in a snap. For more challenging tasks, switch on the max power mode and let it do all the dirty work for you.

No matter how busy you are, ultimately, the goal is to be able to work smart enough so you get enough rest and have time to build passion. That way, you won’t feel burned out and can perform at your peak every day. As the end of the day, you deserve to enjoy the best of what life has to offer outside of work.


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