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First Residential Building With Interiors By Missoni Opens in the Philippines

The Italian design house creates the stylish interiors of 645 units of a new luxury condo in Manila.

The MissoniHome line is extremely popular to those who love color, stripes and chevrons in their interiors and of course, the brand is famous for its knit fabrics, pillows, towels, etc. It even has two eponymous hotels devoted to its interior looks in Edinburgh and Kuwait.

But just announced this week is the new 645 unit Acqua Livingstone tower in Manila, the Philippines, as the first residential building in the world for the Missonis to fully equip — that’s every single room.
The luxury condo will feature floating lights, patterned surfaces, Missoni shapes and forms guiding the landscape. This shows yet another new frontier for the Italian brand, which ventured into a partnership with Target last year that sold out and left the brand with a much bigger name internationally. This combo of design house and luxury condos seems like a new marketing tool that will reach an audience of moneyed travelers who like their rooms crossing over with their fashion.

Can you wear Missoni at home if your furniture is all Missoni? Well — why not?


Source: The Hollywood Reporter | March 26, 2012


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