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A developer’s tale Century continues to revolutionize

A tempestuous time it was—the country gripped in uncertainty and crushed beneath the weight of political frailty.

A strongman precariously holding fast to power in the wake of a grisly assassination that stirred the entire nation into upheaval.

It was in February of 1986, in a period of great instability, just six days after the People Power Revolution, when a young visionary was brave enough to establish a company that would also revolutionize Real Еstatе in the Philippines.

And so as a new democracy was conceived, so too was Century Properties. Born from the genius of a former stockbroker, armed with ambition, creativity, foresight, and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

Jose E.B. Antonio officially incorporated the company with a crack team of five hardworking people, all believing in his vision to create real еstatе projects never before seen or even imagined in the Philippine property landscape.

And as it celebrated its third decade, Century Properties has indeed taken its place as one of the most successful, prolific, innovative, and progressive real еstatе firms in the entire country and throughout the Asian region.

More than 550 employees, over 500 sales agents, over 3,700 brokers, 10 international offices, over 52,000 square meters of commercial space under management, 31 buildings under its development portfolio from 2012 to 2019 (7 of which will be completed in the next two years). This is in addition to the 19 buildings totaling 3,768 units and 518,634 sq.m. of gross floor area that were completed prior to 2010 by the founding principals’ prior development companies, the Meridien Group of Companies.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer | November 26, 2016


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