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How to Choose the Best Place for a Family Staycation

Building Passion Family Outdoor

Make a list and check it twice.

Here are a few good reasons you’ve probably used to justify staying home on one of our many long weekends rather than going out to get some much needed R&R with the family:

  • Traffic
  • Budget
  • Your creature comforts
  • Packing
  • Traffic
  • Traffic
  • Traffic

We totally get it. What’s the point of going somewhere else to relax when getting to and from there is a maddening journey filled with road works, reckless drivers, and congested routes that’ll make you rage like the Incredible Hulk? But every now and then, a change in scenery is exactly what you and your family needs, especially if it’s a new place where you can just relax (i.e. forget about house chores) and have loads of fun.

Before you get them all excited, you have to look for the perfect staycation place that’s worth braving Manila traffic. Here’s a checklist for booking the best place for a family staycation.

Building Passion Family Car1. Accessibility

First and foremost, figure out how you’re going to get there and how long it’s going to take. Vacation spots an hour or two away are ideal because you don’t have to spend so much time on the road. Honestly, do you want to hear the dreaded “Are we there yet?” question over and over again? We thought so. Make sure the travel time is reasonable. For everyone’s sake.

2. House or room layout

Building Passion Living RoomTwo things to consider when choosing a layout of your dream place for staycation: age of children coming along and the physical abilities of everyone in the family. If you’re a big tribe, look for a spacious unit with several rooms. Grandparents will appreciate a room where they don’t need to go up and down a flight of stairs. Parents with a baby can bunk in a room farthest from other sleeping quarters so it won’t wake everybody up when the baby starts wailing in the wee hours of the morning. Older kids, on the other hand, will love camping out in upper rooms.

3. Amenities

Building Passion Children Playing WaterTake everyone’s interests into consideration. Is the building pet-friendly? Is it near a nice park? Does the property have facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, entertainment rooms, and spas that you can use? You want to spend quality time and have fun with your family, not sit on the couch checking your phones or playing with a gadget.

4. Special extras

Shelling out a few more hard-earned cash for some special extras could be worth it. Check for other fun options outdoor activities your family can all participate in, a good quality linen, a great kitchen (Make sure the coffee maker’s working!), and a kick-ass home entertainment system. Just remind everybody to handle the property with care so nobody gets in trouble.

5. Nearby hotspots

Building Passion Children Playing TrampolineEven when you’re on a staycation, it doesn’t mean you should stay holed up in the room the entire time. Get out, get some sun on and enjoy the sights. Amusement and community parks, malls, playgrounds, food districts are great short destinations where your family can enjoy tons of activities.

6. Safety

Low crime rate. Check. Well-lit roads and street walks. Check. Nearby hospital. Double check. You’re not being paranoid. Better safe than sorry, right? It’s advisable to do an ocular of the place and its surrounding neighborhood. But if that’s not possible, book from a reputable party. Managed or curated properties like units featured in Siglo Suites are well-guarded, properly maintained living spaces that specifically cater to its residents’ sense of fun—you’re not just booking a space for the weekend, you’re choosing a home.

Once you’ve checked all these while scouring the Internet or asking friends where’s a great place to whisk away the family for a staycation, plan it like you mean it. Make it happen!
Building Passion Family Playing Water


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