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Choice Medical Treatment

Doctors live an immediate lifestyle – always on call, accessible and ready to help. When your work is that critical, it helps to live near your practice and people.

If you work at St Luke’s Medical Center, Diliman Doctors Hospital, the National Kidney Institute, the Lung or Philippine Heart Center, or any of the many other hospitals in the Quezon City area, you’re duty-bound to live close – not just for your patients but for your own benefit.

This includes those of you who are thinking of #MovingUpNorth for better opportunities and to reach a certain demographic with your speciality.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in relentless traffic to and from your hospital and medical practice. You want to be able to easily step out, get going, and be on duty in as little time as possible.

And then, after a tough day servicing patients and, in some cases, managing life and death situations, you want to be able to come home and unwind.

A studio unit in Commonwealth by Century is, hence the perfect place to live if you’re a doctor in the QC area.

Its top-class amenities, from the gym, pools, to soothing outdoor spaces, are perfect after a hard day at work.

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And when you’re ready to hit the grind again, you can quickly be at work and meeting the needs of your community.

So, if you’re a QC doctor, or know a QC doctor in need of world-class studio space,


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