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Century Properties Group bolsters first home buyer market coverage under new subsidiary, Century PHirst Corporation

23 February 2023, Manila, Philippines – To capitalize on the success of its affordable housing subsidiary, PHirst Park Homes, Inc. (PPHI), Century Properties Group Inc. (CPGI) announced today that it is expanding the offerings of its first home buyer brand PHirst, venturing into the socialized, economic, and mid-income residential markets. Additionally, PHirst is introducing its version of a mixed-use format which will have multiple residential product offerings, as well as support commercial, retail, and institutional components. These expansion efforts bring forth a broader range of housing packages and price points to provide first-time home buyers with a wider set of options to acquire their very own PHirst home. These new product lines will be launched under CPG’s new subsidiary, Century PHirst Corporation (PHirst).

PHirst will underscore three flagship projects as part of this strategic initiative. Taking the forefront is PHirst’s maiden mid-income development, PHirst Editions Batulao unveiled last December 10, 2022. Spanning 14.1 hectares in Batulao, Batangas, this development provides a total of 629 single attached and single detached units with a total sales value of 3.06B. PHirst Editions Batulao offers 4 house models: Cartland 54, Charles 70, Christie 90, and Corin 120 with floor areas ranging from 54-120sqm and typical lot areas ranging from 88-132sqm. These units are available for purchase at prices ranging from 3,200,000 to 6,000,000.

PHirst broadens its reach by introducing PHirst Sights Bay, a socialized & economic housing development offering two house models: Alora Series (cluster homes with loft, with a floor area of 30sqm and typical lot area of 41-56sqm) and Amani Series (townhouses with a floor area of 36sqm and typical lot area of 40-55sqm). Soon to be launched on March 18, 2023, in Bay, Laguna, the available units are priced at Php580,000 for socialized housing and Php800,000 to Php1,500,000 for economic housing. The development occupies 15.3 hectares of land and offers 1,818 units, with a total sales value of PhP2.32B.

To round up its expansion plan, PHirst is introducing its first mixed-use township in Bataan, PHirst Centrale Hermosa to be launched on March 25, 2023. Covering an area of 36 hectares, Centrale will launch various establishments, including PHirst Impressions and PHirst Editions for residential, PHirst Fairgrounds for commercial, and PHirst Boroughs for retail. PHirst Centrale Hermosa has become the latest “it” town where individuals convene to reside, innovate, and flourish based on the township’s three fundamental principles: Dwell, Create & Thrive. Residents can lead a stylish lifestyle, revel in various breathtaking activities and livelihood opportunities, and cultivate their social networks, enhancing their quality of life with more ease and excitement. The township project will have 2,041 units valued at 6.74B.

Among PHirst Centrale Hermosa’s ‘Dwell’ components, PHirst Impressions Centrale will be opening during the township’s March 25 event. The enclave is a townhouse development that occupies 14.5 hectares with 1,574 units, valued at around PHP3.12B. Unit prices will range from Php1,700,000 to 2,500,000 with floor areas ranging from 40sqm and typical lot areas from 44-60.5sqm. Alongside PHirst Impressions, will be the launch of Centrale’s ‘Create’ component, PHirst Fairgrounds, a 3.1 hectare commercial development with lot cuts ranging from 503-1,531sqm. The first phase of the development is valued at 602M with 21 available units for sale.

This year, PHirst will also launch its new campaign, “The Home of Many Firsts,” to provide an elevated housing experience and a place for first-time homebuyers to create more firsts with their family and loved ones.

Including these new product lines, the PHirst brand will now have a total of 16 master planned communities covering 293 hectares of land with 19,869 units launched inventory valued at 34.43B. As of end-December 2022, PHirst has built 5,908 units and turned over 3,835 homes to its buyers.

“The formation of the new subsidiary for the PHirst brand shows our deep commitment to cater to the diverse needs of first-time homebuyers in the Philippines. With this strategic initiative, we are poised to bring more quality homes to the market, that are accessible to a wider range of Filipinos. We believe everyone deserves a home they can call their own, and we are proud to be a part of that journey for our customers. Thus, we will continue to innovate and deliver top-quality homes and communities to meet their evolving needs, and the industry as a whole,” CPGI president and CEO Marco Antonio said.

Building new communities that go beyond expectations is a desire that PHirst continues to carry out. Whether for a growing family, an aspirant for new opportunities, a lifestyle builder, or a triumphant worker looking to showcase one’s success, there’s a PHirst home that’s perfect for everyone — a home that gives happiness in the beginning, in the end, and every moment in between. PHirst is truly the home of many firsts.


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