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Centuria Medical Makati to open an Urgent Care Clinic 24/7

Have you ever been inside an Emergency Room of a big hospital for treatment of a minor wound, an elevated blood pressure or an asthmatic attack? If you have been and have found your experience to be less than convenient, no one can blame you for wishing that there were other choices. The fact is, until recently there was no other choice. But now, you can actually save yourself the trouble of having to go through the rigors of having to be treated for minor illnesses in an Emergency Room as the Urgent Care Clinic at Centuria Medical Makati is about to open.

Not to be confused with an Emergency Room, the Urgent Care Clinic can dispense medical care for primary level cases or what are commonly referred to as minor or non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.

Enter Centuria Medical Makati, the 28-storey medical outpatient building in Century City in Modern Makati, the growing residential and commercial district north of the Commercial Business District. This new medical facility is about to open an Urgent Care Clinic, one that is programmed to operate 24/7.

The clinic will address these primary level cases in an efficient manner through an established process flow serviced by a trained team of urgent care doctors and nurses.


When should you visit the Urgent Care Clinic?

When you need treatment for primary level cases that include less than serious medical conditions such as cough and colds, headaches, fever, abdominal pain, dizziness, injuries such as less than severe contusions, minor cuts, and abrasions, as well as occupational health concerns, you can avail of the services at the Urgent Care Clinic.

The attending physician and the team of nurses will attend to your immediate need. Most if not all of such less than serious medical conditions can be properly and adequately managed at the Urgent Care Clinic. For those medical conditions which, after initial assessment and management, are deemed to require referral for more specialized care, transport to a nearby hospital of choice will be facilitated but only after the medical condition has been adequately stabilized.

The Urgent Care Clinic will offer a wide range of medical services including but not limited to; cleaning and suturing of cuts and wounds, nebulizations, administration of intravenous medications, oxygen administration and even the administration of vaccines and immunizations.

Centuria Medical Makati’s Urgent Care Clinic is located at the Ground Floor of Centuria Medical Makati,  Century City, Kalayaan Ave. corner Salamanca St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City.

Upon full operation, Centuria Medical Makati will house more than 600 doctors’ clinics and premier facilities such as the Executive Screening Center, The Surgery Center, a multi-disciplinary breast clinic and the Executive Guest Suites. For more information, contact the Centuria Medical Makati concierge at (02) 793-8611/(02) 793 8606 or at


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