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Centuria Medical Makati Construction Update (July 2013)

Centuria Medical Makati pours concrete for its final floor in July

Century City’s medical-IT building is weeks away from structural completion as concrete pouring has commenced for the 28th floor—its topmost floor—this month. The topping off for Centuria is targeted at the end of August.

Basement levels are ready to be painted, while the mock-up floor at the 9th level has begun CHB laying, dry wall partitioning and MEPF piping works.

The 19th level is undergoing placement of pre-cast walls.

Electrical and sanitary pipeline installation, fireproofing and ducting have reached the 20th floor.

Centuria Medical Makati is developed by Century City Development Corporation and is located at Century City, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati.

Click here for the construction update.


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