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Centuria Medical Makati: A milestone in outpatient care

MANILA, Philippines -There is no question that the Philippines has come a long way in delivering healthcare. Today, medical institutions in the country have upgraded to compete with hospitals in the west, offering high-quality patient care, strong medical expertise and advanced technology and infrastructure.

The country is also participating in the expansion of the outpatient healthcare industry at a revolutionary pace, thanks to Centuria Medical Makati, the latest foray in outpatient medical infrastructure of premier real еstatе firm Century Properties Group, Inc., the developer of the Medical Plaza buildings in Makati and Ortigas in the 1990s.

Centuria is a milestone in the advancement of outpatient care in the Philippines as it is the only outpatient facility of its kind in the country that combines the intelligent use of information technology (IT) with efficient healthcare.

“What makes Centuria a new-age medical arts building is that it goes beyond offering clinic spaces to doctors. Centuria empowers the doctor further by providing him with the support medical facilities and the IT tools that he needs to deliver efficient and quality care to his patients,” said Century Properties Executive Chairman of the Board Jose E.B. Antonio. “We are tapping the power of technology to offer advanced outpatient services in the country. It is a service that we would like Filipino patients, as well as foreigners who are seeking quality healthcare, to experience here in the Philippines.”

The 28-story Centuria building is located within a one-hectare IT Park in Makati that is registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

Centuria was topped out in Sept. 2013 and is scheduled for completion in December this year. Once fully operational, the modern outpatient center will cater not only to its immediate Century City community, which is a vertical village of premium residences, offices and a retail mall located on Kalayan Avenue, Makati. Centuria will be open to the public, and will serve medical tourists from abroad.

A warm welcome awaits patients when they enter Centuria’s doors. The bright and spacious lobby and reception, interior designed to hotel specifications, will put patients at ease as they arrive for their checkups or day surgery procedures. Medical concierges will be on hand to help, and an efficient, IT-backed queuing system will book walk-in patients in no time with their doctor of choice.

More than 500 clinics of doctors in different fields of medicine will be open for consultation. In such often tedious and long process, Centuria will provide doctors with the IT assistance to ensure the efficient delivery of healthcare. Clinics have been pre-wired with fiber-optic communication systems to allow the optional use of internet, telephone, as well as electronic medical records (EMR) for saving and transmitting patient data, and picture archiving communications systems (PACS) in their own clinics.

Centuria itself will employ a fully electronic paperless documentation system to speed up the process of updating and filing of patients’ records, and facilitate patient care coordination among all the doctors’ clinics found within the entire medical arts building.

Patients who need to undergo diagnostic tests or minor, outpatient procedures will also enjoy the convenience of doing these within the building, as Centuria has signed up with Hi-Precision Diagnostics, a duly registered and licensed tertiary medical laboratory, to operate a diagnostics and laboratory center. This ensures a faster turnaround of results, fully accessible online, that will be crucial to every doctor’s diagnosis.

A hospital-grade day surgery center is another unique facility in Centuria. Century Properties designed this in partnership with GE Healthcare, a global leader not just in the sphere of medical equipment but also in the infrastructure design of healthcare facilities worldwide.

Patients who choose to rest and stay after a minor procedure from the Day surgery will enjoy Centuria’s premiere recovery suites, which will provide comfortable and well-appointed rooms.

To further facilitate ease of visit, ample parking space, valet, and travel services are provided. An ambulance service will also be made available in cases of emergency.

Apart from advocating the advancement of outpatient healthcare, Centuria Medical Makati also seeks to encourage the young breed of Filipino doctors to establish their practice here in the Philippines.

“Outpatient care is one of the pillars of the healthcare sector, and crucial in the success of our growing medical tourism industry. As Centuria fulfills its mission of advancing outpatient care by providing a world-class healthcare infrastructure, we are likewise encouraging Filipino medical practitioners to stay and build their careers in the country. We are in the midst of a tremendous growth opportunity,” Antonio said.

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Source: The Philippine Star | March 1, 2014


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