Centuria Medical Makati Construction Update (May 2014)

Century Properties’ medical-IT facility continues interior activities as it nears year-end turnover While exterior and interior painting works continue at Century Properties’ medical-IT outpatient building in Century City, Centuria Medical Makati has begun the installation of doors on the lower levels simultaneous with masonry activities and wall partitioning on the upper floors. By the end […]

Centuria Construction Update (April 2014)

Interior works continue at Centuria Medical Makati in preparation for the end of 2014 turnover Construction work for Centuria Medical Makati has moved on to the exterior and interior painting works, masonry activities and wall partitioning. The IT-medical building is scheduled for unit turnover by the end of 2014, for unit owners to begin clinic […]

Centuria Medical Makati: A milestone in outpatient care

MANILA, Philippines -There is no question that the Philippines has come a long way in delivering healthcare. Today, medical institutions in the country have upgraded to compete with hospitals in the west, offering high-quality patient care, strong medical expertise and advanced technology and infrastructure. The country is also participating in the expansion of the outpatient […]

Centuria Medical Makati Construction Update (January 2014)

Centuria Medical Makati construction gears up for 2014 turnover Centuria Medical Makati, Century Properties’ IT-medical outpatient facility at Century City, Makati, continues its progress with interior works such as mechanical ducting, electrical wiring, and fire protection line installation up to its 27th floor level. Partitioning is being done in the tower’s upper levels while painting […]

Centuria Medical Makati to meet medical tourism demand

MEDICAL tourism is not something new to the Philippines. In fact, over the past several decades, more and more people have been traveling to the country to seek medical treatment. However, it is only in recent years that the country has become well-known as a health-care destination, owing to the phenomenal increase in the number […]