Filipino Athletes: The New Golden Standard

The Philippines has always been a hotbed of athletic talent that’s known to always be able to succeed in different sports. Whether homegrown or internationally trained, Filipinos are known to excel and to be a legitimate force for whichever sport they engage in. Names such as Efren “Bata” Reyes, Manny Pacquiao, Bong Coo, Ramon Fernandez, […]

Alternative Treatments for the Common Cold

No alternative facts here, just alternative healing/Gesundheit! When you’re down with a cold, it’s hard to imagine anything more annoying or inconvenient. There are plenty, of course, but when you’ve got a cold and everything that comes with it—the headache, the sore throat, the fever, the runny nose—nothing seems as tiresome. At least you can […]

Cycling in the City: How to Stay Alive on Our Crazy Manila Roads

Safety should always be your first priority. The daily commute in Manila—whether you’re riding public transportation or driving a car—can get the best of us. If the snail’s pace doesn’t fire you up, the inconsiderate people in line at the MRT or the crazy drivers on the road will. Some have opted to use bicycles […]

Water Works: How Living Near Water Can Benefit Your Mind and Body

When feeling blue is good for your soul Remember the infamous aerial photo of Pasig City taken by reporter Daphne Oseña Paez in 2015? Some people suggested the massive sprawl of tightly packed houses was photoshopped to look extremely dense. But the photo was real and quickly went viral – you couldn’t swing a dead […]