Your Balcony is the Second Living Area You Never Knew You Needed

When it comes to styling a condo unit, the balcony often takes a back seat. While some are content with adding a few plants and seating pieces, homeowners rarely think about this part of the home, which sometimes ends up as storage or a place where we hang clothes using drying racks. If you have […]

How to Spruce Up Your Child’s Learning Space at Home

With the school systems adopting remote learning, it won’t hurt to improve on your child’s study space at home. After all, online and module-based classes may be here to stay for many more months. Help your child get well-adjusted to this new learning environment with a little bit of smart space planning as shared by […]

Increase Your Productivity with a Pretty Yet Functional Home Office

In more ways than one, the quarantine has pushed us to revamp and make the most of our spaces. While some only had to accommodate a work nook, others had to carve out a workspace and a homeschooling corner in one. To be able to work efficiently while still staying comfortable at home, it’s important […]

How Condo Living Perfectly Suits the Better Normal

When someone says they’re moving to a condo unit, many of us immediately think of a cramped space with small windows, a tiny bedroom, and walls closing in that make it seem impossible to move. While this may be the experience of some, it shouldn’t be your sole basis in deciding if a condo unit […]

Pia Wurtzbach Gives a Tour of Her Condo Unit

Pia Wurtzbach is a shining example of how hardwork pays off. Not only did she persevere to win the Miss Universe crown, she also worked hard to achieve her dream of having her own home. In her catch-up session with Century Properties, Pia revealed that she still can’t believe she has her own condo unit. […]

Feeling Mentally Exhausted? You Are Not Alone

How are you holding up? Over two months have passed since Metro Manila was placed under quarantine and many of us haven’t left the house since. While staying at home seemed enticing at first, you may have noticed that it can be exhausting as well – especially if you’re also dealing with household concerns while […]

How to Keep Kids Busy (While Learning) at Home

Aside from juggling working from home and managing household chores, parents also have to make sure their kids are entertained during quarantine. Since we cannot go to parks and visit the mall like we used to, parents have to be creative in thinking of ways to keep the young ones occupied and still learning. From […]

How to Work From Home Efficiently, According to Professionals

Given the Enhanced Community Quarantine, several companies and organizations have adopted a work-from-home scheme, with only a skeletal workforce reporting for duty. For many of us who are used to the office scenario, it’s challenging to focus and get things done at home. After all, how can you keep track of deadlines when the bedroom […]

How to Spruce Up Your Condo Without Spending Anything

Like many condo dwellers, you may have been wanting to decorate your space but finding time and not knowing where to begin proved to be roadblocks. Now that you have time in your hands, you might be wondering how to kickstart your own makeover project. Since stores are closed, can you still add pizzazz to […]