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Building Passion for Video : Century Café hosts 2nd Philippine Creative Meetup

Can Digital Videos be Good, Fast, and Cheap?

This was the question on everyone’s minds as content creators gathered at Century Café at Century City Mall last July 26 for the second installment of the Philippine Creative Meetup.

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With the upsurge of content marketing, the demand for content creators has skyrocketed over the last couple of years. The Philippine Creative Meetup is a monthly gathering of writers, photographers, videographers, designers, influencers, and publishers to transfer knowledge and exchange ideas on relevant issues affecting the constantly evolving industry.

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Organized by GetCRAFT, Southeast Asia’s Premier Content Network, the Philippine Creative Meetup was hosted by Century Properties for a second time at Century Café, the first café showroom by a real estate developer in the country which offers coffee, connectivity, condos, and creativity.

Read all about the first Philippine Creative Meetup at Century Café.

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With this month’s focus on video production, industry insiders were invited to take the podium and share their two cents on the topic to a full house. “A digital video can be good, fast, and cheap depending on the concept and the treatment,” shared Roxanne Sipin, a senior executive producer from Brand New Media Philippines. “The budget sometimes dictates the shoot. Although from my experience, complicated and big-budget shoots don’t always come out as great videos. It also depends on the content”, she added.

With the current hype of “viral videos”, creatives are often pressured to create the “viral video” for their clients. “Viral is not an adjective you use to describe the video you want, because you can’t guarantee virality no matter how good your content is,” GetCraft VP for Network and Operations Raffy Casas quipped. And while there’s no exact formula to create a viral video, the most successful ones to date owe it largely to two main factors: great content and strategic distribution.

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Director Gino Montalvo of Pixel Eyes Media couldn’t agree more and shared some of his tips on creating digital videos with impact. “You must have a compelling twist. Be responsive to pop culture”, he said. “Or you can add cats.”


Watch the event highlights below.

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