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Beloved IHOP now at Century City Mall

It’s been dubbed as “a fantastic mix of new and exciting culinary concepts—from local favorites, fresh resto brands, to well-loved culinary concepts,” and now you can add one of America’s beloved restaurant chains, IHOP (or International House of Pancakes, if you prefer to be specific) to Century City Mall’s growing list of gastronomic offerings.

If you’ve been living under a rather huge rock, IHOP is renowned for its all-day breakfast menu consisting of sumptuous treats such as their plethora of pancakes (New York Cheesecake, Whole Wheat with Bananas Pancake, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Double Blueberry Pancakes, among a whole bevy of pancake selections), an equally abundant choice of French Toasts, waffles, among others.

But if you’ve already been initiated to the IHOP fare, know that they introduced a new wrinkle to their menu exclusive to the Philippines. Five homegrown Pinoy breakfast favorites are now available which include: Savory Pork Longganisa, Breakfast Beef Tapa, Classic Chicken Tocino, Classic Pork Tocino, and Lean Chicken Sausage—all of which are served with garlic rice and two eggs (of your choice) with atchara and seasoned vinegar as sides.

IHOP claims that innovation is in their DNA, constantly coming up with new menu items. During your next visit, you might want to sample their Brioche French Toast and Griddle Melts. Also, IHOP allows for you to customize your breakfast to be on the healthier side with options of sugar-free syrup, low cholesterol eggs, among other healthy options.

It’s an interesting twist to an already wide array of tasty offerings, making IHOP at the sparkling new Century City Mall in Makati, a foodie destination you need to check out sooner than later.

This is already the fourth branch in the country after opening their first one just last year—a testament to how the metro has embraced the brand and the dining experience it entails. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as IHOP and Global Restaurant concepts are looking to open a total of 20 IHOP branches in the next five years.

“From the very beginning, both IHOP corporate and Global were focused on not just replicating the IHOP experience, but ensuring that it would take advantage of produce, tastes and culinary trends here in the Philippines. That was never at issue; the only concern was that whatever changes incorporated were done at the same standard of excellence,” says the IHOP-Global team.

Adding, “One of the aspects of IHOP Global Restaurant Concepts admire and incorporate is that we want to offer all their guests a wide variety of choice. To that end, our menu offerings, like all IHOPs, will continue to evolve as we introduce new items, whether they are locally based, or come from innovations from IHOP’s culinary team in the United States. We share their goal of constantly aspiring to surprise and delight our guests

Source: Expat Philippines | May 5, 2014


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