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Be the Perfect Guest!

Christmas is just around the corner, and you all know what that means! It’s time to party! Great food and great company, that’s what the best parties are made of. Contribute to the equation by being the perfect guest.

1 Be considerate

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Reply to the invitation, whether you are going or not. Knowing the headcount will make preparations easier for the host. And don’t put off your response until the last minute. If you can’t make it, give your host a chance to fill up the seat allotted to you with another guest.

Arrive on time. If you’re too early and the host is not yet ready, you just might be adding to the stress. If you’re running late, send a message with your expected time of arrival so the host can decide whether they should wait or not before proceeding with what’s lined up.

Disclose your diet. Inform the host of allergies or the special diet you’re on. While it may be okay for you to just be an audience while everyone digs into the food, that usually isn’t fine with the host and can often be embarrassing. When entertaining, hosts (especially Filipinos) are happiest seeing their guests enjoying the meal.

2 Be enthusiastic

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Participate in the program, the activities, and conversations. Set your phone aside, unless you are taking photos with everyone and not just selfies. Try to avoid scrolling through your social media accounts or sending messages.

Take interest in the efforts of your host. Ask about the preparations made. If there is anything in particular that impressed you, do not hesitate to express your appreciation – whether it’s a particular dish, the styling of the tables, or a feature of their home. Be proactive in making your host feel special by initiating group photos and taking great shots of his/her spread, dishes, and decor. Tag him/her on Facebook and be generous in giving compliments. Your party host worked very hard so he/she will definitely appreciate the gesture.

3 Be sensitive


restaurant 691397 1280Pay attention to anyone being left out of the conversation. If you must, segue to a topic that everyone understands or take the initiative to fill in the person who can’t keep up with the exchange.

However, be sure to steer clear from nosy questions like when is a couple finally popping the question, getting married, having kids, or why someone is still single.

Refrain from talking about how awesome other events were. You don’t want to give the wrong impression and make them think that their party is not good enough for you.

If you see the host frantically catering to the needs of the guests, pitch in. Even assisting with the little things like getting water or looking for utensils will make a big difference. Maybe your host is tired and doesn’t know how to say that the party’s over. Take the hint and start saying your thank yous and goodbyes. If you’re one of the last guests to go home, maybe you can even volunteer to help out with the post-party cleaning.

4 Be thoughtful

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Complete the best party formula and add a dish or two to the menu. Bringing a favorite dessert is always a good choice. Or look up food establishments nearest to the party venue so you can bring something freshly-prepared. Even bringing a bottle of wine or whisky is already a thoughtful gesture.

Those heading towards Quezon City will not have a shortage of options especially when you’re in the vicinity of The Residences at Commonwealth by Century. This condominium complex is near shopping centers and stand-alone stores that are unique to the area. No need to make a major detour to purchase a take out tray of food or a bottle of wine.

Another option: Gift them with a Siglo Suites staycation to experience the Century Properties Lifestyle. It will be a thoughtful present which will surely leave a lasting impression!


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