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A Balikbayan OFW’s Guide to Sure and Safe Business Opportunities in the Philippines

Finally, you are coming home! After working abroad and away from your family, it’s about time you become your own boss in your own country and earn even at the comfort of your home. Yes, it’s possible. After all, you have the experience and expertise, which is priceless regardless of your age.

Do not be afraid because with a positive attitude, you can make this next chapter of your life productive and profitable. Here are some sure and safe business opportunities for OFWs returning to the Philippines:

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Be a product distributor: You have used or tasted imported products when you were living abroad so you are the best judge on which one works best. So why not be a distributor for your favorite products, especially ones that are not yet available in the Philippines? Go beyond just showing the lovely product and its packaging. Tell them which part of the country it came from and why it is known for that. Customers are curious to learn more so be prepared to answer their questions.

You can also show results of how it has made another person’s life more comfortable or boosted his confidence. Awards from reputable organizations and real-life testimonials have boosted the sales of product distributors. Make sure the product has FDA approval and secure other necessary permits for importing products. Once you have all these, upload and share away on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and online selling sites.

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Establish a consultancy: Years of experience matter. The longer you stayed in a particular industry or country, the more information you have gained. Look back at those instances that changed your perspective. Take note of your “Aha!” moments. Is it a business that can be replicated in the Philippines? What did you learn from the business abroad that you can apply here in the Philippines?

Your work experience abroad is a valuable resource. Local businesses are on the lookout for gurus like you who can impart your specialization. Consultancy, whether full time or part-time, lets you share your know- how and earn at the same time. Update your bio on LinkedIn now.

Become an online translator: When you come back to the Philippines, you can still use your acquired foreign language but for a different audience. The world is a global village but not all can speak multiple languages like you do. Check out freelancing sites online looking for translators. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies (also known as call centers) hire translators for voice and non-voice accounts. The best part? They pay a premium because it’s not the usual English account and may even give you the option to work from home.

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Adopt a farm : One option is for you to adopt a farm to boost the agriculture industry. Some communities like Amadeo, Cavite offer this, whether or not you are a local. Know the community. Plant with local produce using natural methods. Another option is to participate in a crowdfunding platform to raise capital for an agricultural project. Check out and Cropital, both of which fund local farmers. Make sure to invest in reputable firms and do your due diligence. Investing in agriculture also gives your family a healthy source of organic food and helps the local farming industry.

Own a local franchise: There are numerous companies now offering complete packages for franchises of local food and service-oriented businesses. This is a good business proposition especially for OFWs like you who are coming home with enough capital to start a business. By going the franchise route, you not only support Filipino brands, you also need not worry too much about products and operations as these will be turned over to you professionally. All you need to look for is a great location to start with.

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Invest in property: Investing your hard-earned money in real estate is truly a wise move, and you can earn back your investment by having your property rented out for long term leasing or selling it later on. You may also set it up for short term stays that are popular for staycations. Century Properties‘ homeowners have the privilege of signing up with Siglo Suites, an exclusive property management and leasing service, to help property owners manage their units whether here or abroad.

With careful planning, you can still earn as much. Only this time, you don’t need to be away from your family. It wouldn’t be surprising if your family members want to pitch in and help you as well. Welcome their assistance. They only want to show their appreciation for all your years of hard work.

This is your time to be with your family and enjoy a healthy and happy life. That’s the true measure of success.

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