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Auspicious-living communities

HOW does a living space become auspicious? By luck? By the prevailing environment? Or a combination of such concepts? For Century Properties, the secret to ideal living spaces can be found in the right blend of a good location and the natural elements that attract good luck. So when you’re looking for auspicious, look no further than Century Properties’s Acqua Private Residences, Azure Urban Resort Residences and The Residences at Commonwealth.

Locations are centers of activity

Consider the locations: Mandaluyong, Bicutan and Commonwealth. All three locales are already centers of activity, whether commercial, educational, or religious. The fact that they are thriving communities already promises would-be residents a number of good living possibilities.

Acqua Private Residences is at the border of two great cities—Makati and Mandaluyong. Both offer great advantages to the urban dweller. They have become centers of commerce over the years, housing the country’s major shopping destinations, headquarters of top business offices, and places of worship, study and recreation.

The Azure Urban Resort Residences, meanwhile, is at the crossroads of the South Luzon Expressway and Bicutan, Parañaque City, easily accessible via Skyway or the ground level highway. It is also right next to a major commercial complex.

The Residences Commonwealth by Century finds itself in a setting that’s as auspicious as a community can get: the center of a property boom in Quezon City. Here, offices and other commercial centers are rising, opening up opportunities for a property’s value appreciation and bringing the conveniences of daily living closer.

Water as a central element

Water is a pervading element in all three. Acqua, by its name alone and location, is a water-oriented development. With a regenerating river right across it, and waterfalls a central part of its amenity aesthetic, the rhythm and flow of water provides a soothing backdrop to the convergence of Acqua residents.

The beach at the Azure brings into harmony urban living and a laidback daily lifestyle. Its promise of a daily escape is enough to recharge any urban dweller already weary from the city’s enervating bustle.

The central amenity of a naturescape at the Residences at Commonwealth is highlighted by three water features: a reflecting pond, a rapid pool and its very own waterfalls. With each water feature set at varying degrees of energy, dwellers are sure to find something that is right for their mood or inclinations.

In all three developments, the water features do not provide a visual spectacle alone; they are there for residents to enjoy or take pleasure in at their own pace and will.

Luck, by design

The Acqua’s architecture is designed to step up toward the eastern direction, acclaimed by feng shui experts as auspicious. Meanwhile, Niagara, already a bustling vertical community with people already moved in, is in the direction of the Prosperity Star. Its second tower, also occupied by many, is in the direction of the Wisdom Star. It is said to be perfect for students to find a place of study.

It takes more than luck to find an ideal place to live these days. You will do well to consider options that bring possibilities for life’s essentials.

Source: Businessmirror | March 1, 2016


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