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All Abloom

December is finally here, the trees are up and all is full cheer!

All the Christmas lights are on, from north to south, from east to west. It’s official, it’s Christmas time! But the merry and bright season of December won’t be complete without the Christmas tree, whether big or small or green or white. Let Manila Bulletin Lifestyle show you the brightest, most festive trees this year. So now, ‘let’s light our Christmas trees for a bright tomorrow,’ and stop all the hate and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas—love, peace, and joy.

Winter Wonderland

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Century City Mall in Makati brings you a white crisp frosty experience. The mall’s design for this season is predominantly white—the color of snow, purity, and serenity—with polar bears and cheerful lights, transforming the mall into a winter wonderland. Take photos and have #MerrierMoments with the polar bear at the Christmas Polar Express station or catch Santa Claus every weekend. You may also find unique gifts created by the Pursuit Manila, a community of Christian female creatives at the Christmas Fair happening today and from Dec. 10 to 11.

Source: Manila Bulletin | December 4, 2016


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