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Acqua Private Residences & Commonwealth by Century: Designed to Prosper

Even their Feng Shui agrees – Acqua Private Residences and The Residences at Commonwealth by Century are located in areas seen to prosper in the near future.

Citing the good balance in the project’s design and location, Feng Shui Master Christopher Co said that two of Century Properties’ latest developments, “are also good properties for future investment as the value of these properties will increase in the near future.”

Master Co also noted that Acqua is located across the Pasig River, which Feng Shui masters consider as an auspicious body of water. The project also takes its name from the Italian translation of water, acqua, and utilizes water as a permeating element in the development. All of the Acqua towers are named after the most famous waterfalls in the world – Niagara, Sutherland, Dettifoss, Livingstone and Iguazu.

Coincidentally, in Chinese Feng Shui, flowing water symbolizes good luck, and the three waterfalls found in Acqua’s central amenity called The Pebble resemble the Three Chinese Hawks, which stand for long life, happiness and prosperity.

The location could not indeed be any luckier. Launched only in 2011, the masterplanned community has already introduced its fifth tower, Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck, interior designed by the internationally acclaimed firm founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck.

Future residents will be happy to know that Acqua’s other design aspects invite luck. Niagara, the first tower, is in the direction of the Prosperity Star. Units in the higher floors of Sutherland are suitable for those who are studying, as the tower faces the direction of the wisdom star.

Overall, this 6-tower development is designed to gradually ascend towards the east–an auspicious direction, with Acqua Iguazu serving as the pinnacle. This manner of building design brings luck as it echoes the old quotation from Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The Residences at Commonwealth by Century, was also cited by Master Co as an ideal location as it is experiencing steady growth. The 4.4 hectare masterplanned community seeks to introduce “uncommon” living standards in Quezon City.

It is also proven by the visible progress in sections of Quezon City, including Commonwealth. Already, the next MRT expansion will run through the country’s widest road system as the government makes an effort to ease the populace’ mobility in the area. Interconnectivity is present as well, as seen in the rise of business process outsourcing firms in this vicinity.

In recent years, the Commonwealth area has also seen pockets of positive business development, as reflected by the rise of shopping centers as well as the mushrooming of business process outsourcing companies.

As the industry puts a premium on location, Century Properties has considered factors such as proximity to places that matter in developing the Commonwealth project to ensure its success. Schools, shopping centers, worship temples, medical facilities among other things in Commonwealth, are within convenient travel.

Earlier this year, development experts have also cited the potentials of Metro Manila’s largest city as one of the next hubs of development. With the existing central business districts already experiencing remarkable growth, areas that provide developers the right conditions such as proper interconnectivity infrastructure and transportation system are the next targets of developers.

“This indeed affirms that it is time to establish a residential project that reflects the bright future of Commonwealth,” Century Properties President and CEO Marco Antonio said.

With projects of these quality complemented by a healthy economic climate, matched with auspicious Feng Shui, buyers of the Residences Commonwealth by Century and Acqua Private Residences can be assured that their investment had been well spent.


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