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7 Ways to Achieve Your Own Serene Seaside-Inspired Sanctuary

When designing or styling a home, there are different ways to get inspiration for its final look and feel. Some consult books and save ideas from movies, while others collect references from online sources. Aside from using these means, there are homeowners who get inspiration from places and their surroundings.

If you’re planning a home makeover or if you’ve just purchased a condo unit and you want to spruce it up to perfection, the beauty of the Philippines offers a ton of ideas. What better way to channel how lovely a tropical country is than with a look that highlights our islands and pristine beaches? Transform your space into your own brand of paradise with these ideas:

Have fun with the color palette

When working on a beach-inspired home, it’s a given to work with colors like blue, green, and other earthy tones. While blue is an obvious choice, don’t settle for the usual light shades. Consider working with Serenity Blue, a shade that’s calming yet versatile enough to be paired with other colors. Take inspiration from one of the model units at The Resort Residences at Azure North below.


A solid accent wall works well in a predominantly white space. Paired with an equally striking wallpaper, it makes for a balanced and welcoming look.

In addition, you can also bring in pops of yellow, green, or coral to keep the look fresh.

Bring in prints and patterns


Who says you can’t have patterns in a beach-inspired home? Keep the overall look interesting by creating a multi-colored herringbone pattern that can double as a headboard/accent wall. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match prints – just make sure it doesn’t clash with your chosen color and other elements.

Incorporate textures

Recreate the feel of sand between your toes by working with woven area rugs you can use to anchor your bedroom or living room. Walking around barefoot and feeling the texture will surely transport you to the beachside and make you grab a glass of cocktail.

Let in natural light

Make the most of the windows in your space by opening it to let the sunshine and breeze in. If you’re not too keen on keeping the windows open, opt for sheer or light-colored curtains to allow light to stream into the space.


Layer with neutrals

Since you already have pops of color and accent hues, temper it with neutrals to keep the overall look chic. Shades of grey and off-white can help tie the look together, too.

Work with “real” décor

You have the prints on the walls and we’re sure you’re looking into showcasing flora and fauna on your soft furnishings, too! Why not bring in actual plants to complete the look? Tabletop plants can liven up dull corners. If you have an empty nook within the unit, choose a tall plant you can pair with a woven planter.

Don’t forget the details

Framed prints, accessories, and furniture that go with your color palette may seem small but can still contribute to the overall look you’re going for. A table lamp in yellow, stools with wooden accents, and even your chosen drawer pulls can make a statement!

Coming home to a summer-infused home will surely be a treat – especially if you live in the middle of a busy city. Wonder what makes this look even more satisfying? If you live in a property that screams beach, of course! The Resort Residences at Azure North is a piece of paradise tucked in the booming city of San Fernando in Pampanga. With resort-inspired amenities, a location close to conveniences and nature, and units you can easily transform into your dream haven – it’s an ideal option if you’re looking for a home outside Metro Manila.

#YouNeedSpace to make your beach-inspired condo unit come true. Grab your mobile phone or laptop and log on to Take a virtual tour of the model unit and talk to an agent about payment terms. As you immerse yourself into the tour, make sure you envision your #condogoals at Azure North.


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