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7 Romantic Movies You Should Stream for a Valentine’s Movie Night

Our top movie picks for the ultimate movie marathon this Valentine’s Day

Maybe blowing a fortune on flowers, gifts, and a fancy dinner isn’t really your thing this Valentine’s Day. Instead of heading out—and ending up stuck in traffic—why not plan a night in with your OTP (that’s One True Pair in millennial-speak)? Staying in your condo and snuggling on the couch while streaming a romantic movie with popcorn sounds like a plan and a half. Maybe you can even cook something special or have wine and cheese delivered to your place. Setting the mood for love, here we go!

Building-Passion-Laptop-Netflix-MenuThe Notebook

If you’re looking for an epic romance, Allie and Noah’s love story is hard to beat. And the chemistry between its two young stars practically leaps off the screen (Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling didn’t win the MTV Best Kiss Award in 2005 for nothing.). Whether they’re dancing in the middle of a deserted street at midnight or kissing passionately in the rain, Allie and Noah prove that true love doesn’t just exist, it lasts a lifetime.

Movie OTP: Go all out like Noah. Cook a hearty ribeye steak for dinner and pair it with a bold wine like Cabernet or Merlot. Hear that? That’s the sound of romance is sizzling in the air. 

Crazy, Stupid Love

Contrary to the Steve Carell character’s line in the movie – “Such a cliché”, Crazy Stupid Love is anything but when it comes to romantic comedies. Its well-rounded and honest characters, poignant but funny scenes and surprise twist makes it a contemporary rom-com classic.  With a star-studded cast including Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon, the movie manages to assemble an assortment of lovestruck characters that everyone can relate to, whether you’re the middle-aged couple having marital issues, the non-committal bachelor, the frustrated single girl, or the hormonal teenager.

Movie OTP: This Hollywood rom-com is as contemporary American as burger, fries and a milkshake. Also, prepare to laugh and cry so having some good old comfort food is the perfect match to your viewing.

Building-Passion-PopcornEnglish Only, Please

Get ready for some serious kilig feels and LOLs courtesy of this homegrown romcom. Everybody loves a spunky leading lady, and Jennylyn Mercado’s sparkling performance as Tere, a Filipino language tutor who falls for her Fil-Am student, will have you clutching your stomach from laughter and falling in love with her.

Movie OTP: This movie is as light and bubbly as Proseco and as comforting as a plate full of creamy carbonara. Seconds? Yes, please.

Dirty Dancing

Of course this movie made the list. After all, nobody puts Baby in a corner. (BTW, we’re talking about the original version. We think it would be best if we all agree to forget that the remake even exists. What remake? Exactly.) The music, the dancing, that iconic dance lift—Johnny and Baby’s love story is the spicy summer romance of our dreams.

Movie OTP: Make watermelon sangria (movie fruit reference!) then fire up the grill and cook some calamari or spicy shrimp.

Building-Passion-Netflix-Black-and-WhitePretty in Pink

Our list would not be complete without a romantic ’80s John Hughes movie. Pretty in Pink stars ultimate Hughes muse Molly Ringwald as Andie, a girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and is madly crushing on one of their school’s “richie” heartthrobs. Meanwhile she unwittingly but decidedly friend zones her best bud, Duckie. Ah, young love, why are you so awkward?

Movie OTP: If one could describe Rosé, it would definitely be pretty in pink! Serve with a refreshing summer salad or some cheese, prosciutto, and melons. Or better yet—allow us another shameless movie reference—please, please, please ask what your partner wants.

That Thing Called Tadhana

This movie is part travelogue (Really, the DOT should take down notes.), part romance. When two people who just met go on an impromptu road trip to Sagada, they unwittingly create the definitive roadmap to getting over a broken heart…and turn Kiltepan Peak into a popular tourist destination to boot.

Movie OTP: A love story this bittersweet deserves something bitter like strong Sagada coffee and sweet like peanut brittle. (Oh yeah, we went there.)

Pride and Prejudice

Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy practically invented the love-hate romance trope! That scene where Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen argue in the rain simmers with barely contained passion. Who knew regency romance could be oh so sexy?

Movie OTP: You know what goes well with wine and cheese? Movies with lines like “You have bewitched me body and soul.” Swoon!

If you decided to stay in last minute and you have nothing in the fridge except water and yesterday’s take-out curry, don’t worry, Rustan’s Supermarket delivers! If you live somewhere near Century City Mall, just give them a call at (02) 403-9116. Or, you know, you can always order in.

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