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7 Condo Living Lessons from Pia Wurtzbach

Deciding to move out of the family home is a brave call, more so if you’re buying your own space. Having your own home means you call the shots – from making sure it’s in tip-top shape to budgeting and handling bills. Like other first-time homeowners, Pia Wurtzbach experienced the highs and lows of independent living. After moving out of her mom’s home at 18, Pia moved from one space to another before settling into her own Century Properties condo unit.

“Most of my adult life, I’ve been living in a condo. You grow up, do the grocery, manage the bills, and the budget. It teaches you to be responsible and to be independent which you can apply to other things,” Pia exclaims. If you’re also thinking about buying your own condo unit, here are more lessons from Pia to keep in mind:

  1. Do your research.

Buying a home means shelling out hard-earned money to secure your space. Before you make a final decision, Pia suggests doing your research first. Don’t settle for what’s affordable and looks pretty. Know more about the location of the property, its amenities, the sizes of the units, and the available payment terms. Choose a property that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Bringing your furry friends with you? Check if the property you’re eyeing is pet-friendly. Century Properties has pet-friendly communities that value pets as part of the family. Just make sure you clean up after them if you’re going for a walk within the premises!

  1. Own your space.

Nothing beats coming home to your own home. Make the space work for you by giving it your own brand of style and decorating it according to your needs.

  1. Make it functional.

“One thing I learned, hindi naman pala natin kailangan lumabas to get things done. It’s just a little adjustment in the beginning. Nakaka-miss lumabas but it will work if everything you need is in your home,” shares Pia. Living under quarantine has motivated us to make the most of the space we have. From setting up a home office to making sure there’s a homeschooling area for the kids – every corner of the home serves a purpose.

In addition to these functional nooks, you can also have an exercise area, a reading corner, and a meditation space.

  1. Maximize the amenities.

Who says there’s nothing much to do in a condo? If you will keep lessons #1 and #2 in mind, you’ll definitely have a comfy home that makes staying indoors worth it. If your space enables you to do the things you love, you won’t really be bored.

Aside from utilizing your space, you can also use the amenities – following the safety protocols in place. Whether you’re into fitness, cooking, music, and sports – there’s an amenity area waiting for you.

Century Properties takes pride in its hyper-amenitized residential developments, making sure every member of the family has an area to use and enjoy such as gyms, basketball courts, game rooms, movie rooms, and swimming pools, to name a few.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

Let’s get real – monthly homeowners association fees make some dismiss the idea of buying a condo unit. The truth is, it’s more expensive to maintain a house. “It goes to the cleanliness and maintenance of the place you’re living in. Alam mo kung saan napupunta ang binabayaran mo. You also get a sense of security because you feel safe,” Queen P relates.

Condo dues go to the concierge, maintenance, and assistance you get as a condo homeowner. You can ask for assistance if there are minor problems your unit and the property management team will be on it. You don’t have to worry about looking for a plumber or a repairman which gives you peace of mind. At the end of the day, why worry about home fixes when you can do the things you love instead? Don’t hesitate to call for help when needed so the property management team can assist you.

  1. Your balcony is the perk you never knew you needed.

Gone are the days when the balcony is the just the place where your AC unit compressors are located. In these trying times, it’s a blessing indeed! It can be a place for your plant collection, your work area, or just a spot where you can chill with a snack. “Sobrang bonus ang balcony. I have plants in the balcony and all over my condo. Having them around helps with my mood,” shares Pia.

  1. Don’t hesitate to make the big move.

“If you’re thinking about having your own home, now is the time. If not now, kailan pa?” Pia muses. Real estate developers are offering easy payment terms you can look into. Like any big decision you need to make, continuously postponing giving a final answer will only translate to time wasted. Having a home under your name is a worthy investment.

“I love living in a condo because I don’t have worries, relax lang and everything is being taken care of. Choose a property that works with your lifestyle,” the beauty queen adds.

Scared to take the jump? Take careful steps! Get started by researching on properties, comparing features, and shortlisting those that meet your needs. Century Properties has revamped its websites so you can still tour the residential developments and see the available units without leaving the safety of your home.

Log on to, view the list of properties, and click on your chosen property. As you take a virtual tour of the properties and see the staged units, you’ll definitely feel what it’s like to have a #condogoals home.


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