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6 Tips to Becoming the Best Ever AirBnB Host

Say it like you mean it: Mi casa es su casa.

Have you ever considered listing your home on AirBnB? If you own a second home or you’re a frequent traveler, renting out your home through this hospitality website is a great way to earn a second income.

To get you started as an AirBnB host, you must first think like a guest. What sort of welcome do you want from your host? What kind of experience do you want during your stay? What perks and privileges would you appreciate? Include those and you’re already halfway to offering a great AirBnB experience for your guests.

After you’ve made an AirBnB account and set up your listing, it’s time to show off your digs and sell it, baby. Here are some tips to become the Best ever AirBnB host.

Tip #1: Establish a credible profile.

The first step is to assure potential guests that you’re real and mean business. Start with the essential paperwork: ready your government-issued IDs and, if you must, go the extra mile to create a verifiable LinkedIn or Facebook Page. Proving you’re a credible host helps shorten the listing process and get you more bookings.

Tip #2: Make sure everything’s legit.

Receptionist Giving Room Keys To Customer

Secure all the right permits. If you’re the homeowner, write a letter of notice to your building administration, informing them you’ve rented out your property. If you’re a unit tenant, check with the actual homeowner first (some places are strictly against subleasing). Explain in the document the arrangements for any splits in income or administrative matters that need to be settled with management.

Tip #3: Remind your guests to behave.

Cover yourself against complaints and potential damages by giving your guests a list of all your house rules, no matter how irrelevant they may be. This way, should anything untoward happen, guests won’t be able to invoke the “I didn’t know” excuse. AirBnB operates on the basis of trust so if an unfortunate incident occurs and it is proven that you failed to brief your guests, you will be held responsible.

Tip #4: Prioritize security and make sure your guests know you do.

Building Passion BedSecurity is one of the biggest priorities for people staying overnight. Since you can’t monitor your guests all the time, arrange for the building’s security to check on your unit now and again.

To protect your unit from damages, a security deposit for every booking on AirBnB is standard procedure. Some property management services firms, such as Siglo Suites (which is an exclusive service provided by Century Properties to its homeowners), also facilitate the check in and check out process to ensure the security of your guests and your unit.

Tip #5: Create a personalized experience.

With thousands of listings on AirBnB, excite potential renters by highlighting your home’s best features and offering one-of-a-kind perks and privileges. What makes your home stand out from the rest? Filipino AirBnB “superhost” Asia Maris says personalizing the experience for guests will earn you good reviews. “Add a little bit of yourself to the [place]. It can be [DVDs of your favorite movies] or a playlist on a music player, ready for the guests to use,” she says. Other ideas include leaving a free bottle of wine for guests, a printed list of phone numbers for food delivery services, and making sure there’s a hair dryer and iron on hand.

Tip #6: Give a warm welcome!

Building Passion Welcome“Have a standard welcome letter ready with all the details of your listing for your guests,” adds Asia. “This includes [the listing’s] telephone number, housekeeper’s or building receptionist’s number, address or location map, and other must-know details about your place.” Convenience and access to information makes their stay easier. You can even check in on your guests with a quick phone call or text message once in a while, just to make sure they are doing well and have all they need.

Aside from earning a profit, opening your home to travelers can also give you a sense of fulfillment—a chance to showcase our famed Pinoy hospitality to people who visit the country and make their stay extra-memorable.

Happy leasing!


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