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5 Things That Make a Property Auspicious

From looking for a new job and starting a business to finding and moving into a new home, many of us make the most of a new year by embarking on a new milestone. The Year of the Metal Rat brings with it a promise of a fresh start. If investing and settling in a forever home is on top of your list, finding the right property should be a priority.

It’s not enough that you choose a towering skyscraper that looks good on brochures – you need to consider its location, the comfort you’ll get, the amenities, and the security it promises as well. If you believe and follow the principles of Feng Shui, you can also use it as a guide in choosing the right property. According to Feng Shui, there are features you can look into to see if a property is auspicious or not. Here are some of them:

An ideal location harnesses positive energy

When buying a home, it’s a must to choose an accessible location with enough transportation options. Taking into consideration the principles of Feng Shui, you need to pick an area with good energy as this affects the property. To ensure good quality energy, the location needs to be safe and the building has a well-lit and bright lobby or main entry.

The Residences at Commonwealth masterplan render

A pleasant neighborhood adds to a property’s Chi

How do you make sure an area’s safe and ideal to live in? Aside from its cleanliness, you need to consider the entire neighborhood where it belongs. Pick a property that’s located where there are different activities happening – such as an area near a park or a clubhouse – as vacant areas tend to equate to inactive energy.


Located along Don Antonio Drive in Brgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City, The Residences at Commonwealth by Century has a convenient location found in a laid-back neighborhood. Since it’s only a few minutes away from the Don Antonio station of the upcoming MRT Line 7 and EDSA, it will be easy to go from one place to another given via car or public transportation. Top schools, malls, parks, and other establishments are within your reach as well.

Huge open spaces give the property enough breathing room

If the building you’re eyeing has an expansive open area in front, mark it as a pro on your house-hunting list! According to feng shui, an open area means more energy can be collected and directed to your home.

the residences at commonwealth clubhouse

At Commonwealth by Century, you won’t feel like you’re in the middle of a busy city. It has an expansive Great Lawn where you can take quiet walks, quick jogs, and even stroll with your furry friends. Coupled with a view of the city, the open space punctuated with trees gives homeowners a place where they can pause and take a break.

A nearby water feature invites wealth and prosperity

Feng Shui’s principles gives importance to water, as the element is believed to generate Chi or energy. Experts say to invite prosperity into the home, it’s best to pick a property with a water element in front or flowing water on the left side. To ensure wealth and vitality, it’s important that the water is clean.

A floor plan that welcomes good luck and positive energy

When it’s time to pick a unit where you’ll live, Feng Shui experts suggest getting a unit on a higher floor as with only a few units above you, the lighter the energy for your condo, with more light, and a good view. As much as possible, avoid getting a unit that directly faces an elevator or a staircase. If you’re schedule to visit the property, note the floor plan of the unit as well as it affects the flow of energy. It’s essential that energy can flow freely around your space.

the residences at commonwealth multipurpose room

Commonwealth by Century has studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom spacious units with a functional floor plan. Each unit is turned over with high quality finishes, a rangehood and a cooktop in the kitchen, and essential furnishings in the bathroom as well. With huge windows that let in plenty of natural light, each unit is bright, welcoming, and requires minimal to no major renovations when you move in.

the residences at commonwealth show kitchen

Century Properties takes pride in its well-thought-out masterplanned developments found in prime locations – bringing you closer to schools, commercial establishments, and other key cities in the Metro. The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is a mid-rise development that has huge open spaces, expansive units, family-friendly amenities, and 24/7 security. It’s a place where you can mark a fresh beginning and welcome an auspicious new year. To learn more, visit



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