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5 Gadget-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Family on a Weekend

Connect better when you’re disconnected from technology.

How many times have you rolled your eyes upon seeing children and adults constantly tapping away on their smartphones, tablets, and portable video game gadgets? The opportunity to establish meaningful connections in real time is totally lost. Hold your judgement, though, because for sure you’ve been guilty of this, too.

While the thought of disconnecting from gadgets can be difficult and challenging, it is not totally impossible. With the right activities, you and your family won’t even have to worry about getting withdrawal symptoms from being separated from your tech toys. Here are some things you can do to make real connections with your family on a weekend.

Swimming party

Pinoy families love going on swimming trips. Not only is this a great opportunity for young and old members of the family to enjoy and spend less time with their gadgets (unless they’re waterproof!), but it is also a chance to invite your kid’s friends so you can get to know them, too. Regardless if you travel out of town, rent an amenity, or use your own property, the important thing is that everyone gets to have a splashing good time.

Team sports

Engaging in team sports with the family can also assure you minutes of gadget-free bonding time. Organize a wacky sport competition on a weekend and make sure there’s a worthy prize up for grabs so people will join on their own free will. Choose a fun sport that even kids can participate in like volleyball and come up with a few new quirks and rules for the game like using a beachball as the shuttlecock to make the game less competitive and more fun. While you’re keeping fit and active, you can also teach a lot about the value of teamwork and sportsmanship—values that you certainly would want to teach your kids as early on as possible.


Cookout and boodle fight

A DIY cookout and boodle fight can be oodles of fun for a weekend family hangout. You can have the kids join you in preparing food in the kitchen. The younger ones can do simple tasks like arranging the banana leaves on the table while older kids can help fire up the grill and cook the food. Once everthying’s laid out on the table, it’s time to put away your gadgets and dig in with your hands.

Arts and crafts

Kids these days love the slime! Painting, clay sculpting, accessory making, and toy building are just a few of many fun arts and crafts activities to help bring out your family’s creative side. There’s a lot of materials available that you can work with. Choose safe, non-toxic, and cute stuff that don’t cost much.


Old-school games

Kids these days have no idea what patintero, piko, and agawan base are. A shame, really, but you can change that by playing these street games with them so they can learn. If there’s not much space to run around in, you can play board games. There are many kid-friendly titles like Exploding Cat that are super-fun to play!

Using your gadget isn’t entirely a bad thing. But it’s healthy to disconnect from time to time. Start building passions and relationships with family and friends at home. Properties like Commonwealth by Century have a full range of amenities where all members of the family can enjoy a fun-filled, wholesome, device-free time in a safe and unique environment. Make your weekends with the family count. Unplug, unwind and establish a stronger connection with the people that matter the most.




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