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4 Best Investments to Make in Your 30s to 40s

It’s definitely a relief having survived the quarter-life crisis of your 20s to 30s—the brutal awakening into the realities and responsibilities that accompany adulthood.

While this period of crisis is frequently characterized by feelings of self-doubt or anxiety, it also allows adults to paint a clearer picture of what they would like to achieve once they surpass their turbulent 20s—usually stable income, a successful career, and a host of prized possessions.

Once these elements are in place, you could say that the foundation for a good life is set. Chances are, they’ve probably set aside a sizable amount of savings and may even be on their way to enjoying an early retirement. What then would be the best way for adults—now in their 30s or 40s—to reward themselves and start enjoying the fruits of their hard-earned labor? Here are four kinds of investments to consider.

1. Life/Health Insurance

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In case you weren’t able to acquire an insurance policy during your 20s, don’t fret. You’re still in pretty good physical and financial shape to get one today and prepare for the decades to come. These days, it’s important to note that insurance no longer just refers to the lump sum made available to your dependents upon your demise. It now covers a wide array of your own needs, from offering benefits in case you get disabled, hospitalized, suffer from a critical illness, to preparing for your retirement or putting your money in a pool of various investment mechanisms.

For clients with moderate to high risk for tolerance, insurance companies now also offer a combination of life protection and investments, called VULs (Variable Unit-Linked Funds) or Variable Life Insurance. The key difference between traditional life and variable life insurance is that the value of the policy for VULs will depend on the performance of the variable fund or the client’s chosen investments, whereas the value of a traditional life insurance is guaranteed and pre-computed.

Before investing in anything or anyone else, invest in yourself. That’s the best gift you could ever give yourself.

2. Stocks

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While a bank account may keep your money safe, the potential for capital appreciation is also considerably low. In fact, while cash deposits carry little to no risk of loss, the returns are also minimal when you factor in annual inflation at four to five percent. On average, banks will only pay you back by just one percent on interest. While other forms of investments such as equities, bonds, securities and trust funds may not be as liquid and are subject to a higher level of risk, your money can grow at a significantly faster rate.

With stocks or equities, for instance, investments can grow by as little as 12 percent in a year. These days, we no longer have to leave investing in the stock market to the financial experts. Today, ordinary individuals can open an investment account for as low as Php 5,000 and manage the funds on their own. With the beauty of the information age, anyone can be his or her own broker. Do you have a high risk appetite and like things exciting? Then you’re probably better off as a trader, keeping an eagle eye on the next hottest equities to buy and sell. Otherwise, you can also always keep it cool and do peso cost averaging, where you invest a set amount of money regularly over a long period of time.

3. Continuous Learning

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Learning doesn’t have to stop in your 30s or 40s. In fact, as you go higher up the corporate ladder, the more gaining new information will be an even bigger advantage in your career and the more you will be able to differentiate yourself from your peers.

There are several avenues for further education. You can take the traditional route and take up a full-blown MBA (Master of Business Administration) as you pursue a higher-paying profession. You could also sign up for an online class or a face-to-face seminar to learn a new craft or refresh certain skills.

This expertise will come in handy if you would like to explore a new opportunity outside your current field, venture into consultancy, teaching, or even putting up your own business. The possibilities are endless. Some companies’ HR departments have a budget dedicated to training if certain business case criteria are met. You may also want to check if there are any sponsored by the company or if you can have your desired workshop shouldered by the company.

4. Your own condo/home


Purchasing a condo is probably the cherry on top when it comes to the ‘rewards to self’ category. It’s the ultimate #achievementunlocked in your adulting journey. While the responsibilities are greater, so are the life lessons. You learn to better manage your finances and take care of your own living space, where you call the shots and live by your own rules. It’s an acknowledgment of how far you’ve achieved in life, and because it’s your own slice of paradise, you’re able to enjoy your investment every day.

kids play area at acqua private residences

These days, finding the right property that’s in the middle of everything is key, but so is having a lush, verdant space that lets you de-stress, relax, and disconnect as you please, transporting you to a haven of serenity. Acqua Private Residences, one of the stellar properties on Century Properties’ roster, provides just this dreamy balance. This residential eden is situated between the bustling business districts of Makati and Mandaluyong, keeping residents still within the beating heart of the metro.

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The power, fluidity, majesty and life-giving properties of water are infused throughout Acqua’s overall structure, designed by Broadway Malyan. The Pebble, a waterfront clubhouse that runs through all six of Acqua’s buildings, has been “hyper-amenitized” to cater to residents’ array of recreational and fitness pursuits, from the the retail strip, juice bar and café, movie room, lap pool, lagoon pool, Jacuzzi, TRX area, to the basketball/volleyball court.

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If you’re looking to buy as an investment, you can consider fractional ownership of a suite at Novotel Suites Manila, the sixth tower at Acqua Private Residences.

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Based or working in the north? Commonwealth by Century may just be for you. Located along Don Antonio Avenue in Commonwealth, Quezon City, The Residences at Commonwealth by Century is a mid-rise mutli-tower community which offers accessibility (a 5-minute walk from Commonwealth Ave. and the upcoming MRT Line 7), uncommon amenities (rock and roll studio, arts and crafts studio, show kitchen, on top of sports and fitness amenities) and top-notch security (extensive CCTV and manned security).cam2

Experience firsthand a taste of #condogoals through a staycation at Siglo Suites, Century Properties’ serviced residences. Aside from Acqua Private Residences, other properties available include Azure Urban Resort Residences, The Gramercy Residences, Knightsbridge Residences and The Milano Residences.


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