Rising in the Philippines’ most prestigious financial and commercial district is a name synonymous with unparalleled service, quality and real estate. Trump Tower at Century City – the country’s most amenitized residential high-rise and Manila’s definitive landmark.

Live in the address that celebrates your stature. Trump Tower at Century City


Trump Tower at Century City’s concept of the ‘peeled’ façade is articulated with internal balconies. The top and bottom corners peel away which accentuates the dynamic form of the tower. Its curtain wall facade maximizes spectacular panoramic views of the city. The facade’s function is environmentally responsive where light shelves and shading systems are designed to react to the building’s orientation in relation to sun’s path.

Interior Design:

The Trump ® brand now encompasses projects across the United States, Panama, Canada and Turkey and is renowned for representing the highest level of excellence and luxury in residential, hotel, office, retail and golf properties.

Trump branded projects have always been associated with the world’s premier real estate. Trump buildings are known for their spectacular views, prime locations, luxurious amenities and discerning owners. The existing clientele of Trump includes global CEOs and celebrities. The experience of owning a Trump branded property and living in the Trump lifestyle is unparalleled.

Superior Quality, Detail and Perfection are standards that Trump demands of all properties bearing its name. The exclusive touch of the Trump brand is present in every aspect of their properties, from the design driven, cutting edge façades created in collaboration with the world’s best architects, to the flawless interiors designed specifically for each market to the world-class service. No detail is overlooked. With each of its developed and branded properties, the Trump brand continues to raise the bar of super luxurious living consistently.


Trump Plaza & Water Feature

A visual delight to welcome your arrival.

Sophistication starts from the moment you glance. The Trump Plaza serves as a dramatic attestation that indeed, you have arrived.

Grand Lobby

An understated elegance.

The grand lobby greets you with a lofty triple height ceiling adorned with an iconic chandelier, pendant lamps and elegant furniture.

The Pool

A plunge to a life well-lived.

Take pleasure in a daily 5-lap routine workout or simply soak up the sun on a weekend in your very own pool overlooking the Makati skyline. Intricately designed with glass mosaic tiles, honed finish marble and bright lounge beds.

Spa Lounge

A prelude to your indulgence.

Relax while you wait for your well-deserved pampering at the spa lounge adorned with sheer black organza and timber flooring in walnut satin stained finish.

The Spa

Sanus per Aquam (SPA) means health by water. Treat yourself to a relaxing dip in the jacuzzi, a few minutes in the steam bath and an aromatherapy massage in your exclusive spa.

Video Room

A time to dream.

Transport yourself to a new world while you indulge in cinema or get excited in sports entertainment with your friends in the video room.

Fitness Center

A habit that keeps you going.

Stay fit and fabulous in your fully-equipped and stylishly designed fitness center.


A chic alcove of erudition.

Go through the archives of our special collection on finance, business, art and travel in your library’s elegant interiors accentuated with intricately-designed wallpaper and furniture

Business Center

A pleasure to do business.

Organize your work and mentally prepare for a busy day ahead in the business center embellished with art deco wallpaper and furniture, dark stained walnut book shelf and chevron slate carpet.

Meeting Room

Conduct your business conference in style in its tastefully chic interiors that blends ultramodern and classic sophistication.

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At Trump Tower at Century City, units are carefully designed to adhere to the Trump brand’s superior design and development standards.


Downtown SoHo A stylish neighborhood in lower Manhattan notable for being home to many art galleries and artists’ lofts, and for its trendy boutiques and flagships of national and international brands. Distinguished for its unique architecture, Downtown SoHo blends 18th century elegance in its decorative cast-iron façade and “hip” interior design through high contrast hues.

At Trump Tower at Century City lends Downtown Soho’s unique sophistication through ebony wood flooring, pristine white walls with linear paneling and white natural stones in smooth matte finish. Downtown Soho is the ideal interior theme for the upwardly mobile citizen with a contemporary taste in design


Fifth Avenue Ranked as one of the most expensive avenues in the world, Fifth Avenue remains coveted for its endless variety of upscale retail shops, deluxe apartments and prestigious penthouses. It borders east of the Central Park, making it even more desirable for its lush environment.

Trump Tower at Century City brings glamorous Fifth Avenue’s classic design aesthetic through art deco in light wood veneer floors and walls, marble and granite natural stones in creams and browns. Fifth Avenue is the perfect interior finish for those who want to enhance and showcase their artwork collections like paintings, sculpture and art installations.


Park Avenue Originally known as Fourth Avenue, Park Avenue carried the tracks of the New York and Harlem Railroad in the 1830s. Well-known for its begonia flowers and lush greenery, Park Avenue’s overall design philosophy remains classic and timeless.

Trump Tower at Century City echoes Park Avenue’s transitional style using traditional moldings on walls and cornices, contemporary wenge wood flooring, lacquered high gloss finish for doors and door jambs, marble and granite natural stones in cream, white and black. Park Avenue is best suited for those who want the best of both worlds – fusing contemporary and classic in interior finishes.



A unit type perfect for the upwardly mobile citizen. This 1-bedroom unit has its living, dining and kitchen areas, and a luxurious bedroom with bathroom and tub.


The 1 bedroom unit is a bigger version of the suite allotting a very generous space for living, dining, kitchen and powder room; plus a master’s bedroom with its own bathroom, walk-in closet, a glass-enclosed shower and a tub.


A two bedroom unit is ideal for a couple or a growing family. Its unit configuration is carefully-designed to accommodate a large space for living room, dining and kitchen, while two (2) large bedrooms have their own walk-in closet, bathroom with a glassenclosed shower and a tub.


Limited 2 bedroom duplex units have their own private garden on the lower floor, with living room, dining, kitchen and powder room. This 2-level unit also has a bedroom with its own bathroom and tub, a guest room with toilet and bath, and a sprawling master’s bedroom with its own walk-in closet, bathroom and tub.


A spacious flat unit with living room, dining, kitchen, service area, powder room, and maid’s room. The two (2) large bedrooms have their own walk-in closet, bathroom with tub, while the guest room has its own toilet and bath.


A 2-level unit with a balcony, spacious living room, dining, kitchen, service area and powder room on the lower floor. The upper floor has two (2) bedrooms with their own bathrooms; and a luxurious master’s bedroom with its own living room, walk-in closet, bathroom and tub.


Ideal for big families or couples who need a lot of room. The 4-bedroom unit boasts of a spacious living room, dining, kitchen, powder room, and maid’s room. The three (3) large bedrooms have their own walk-in closet, bathroom with tub, while the guest room has its own toilet and bath.


The City of Makati or “Modern Makati” is the undisputed financial, commercial, and social center of the Philippines. Makati is the hub of urban energy and vigor, where a multitude of exhilarating dining establishments, five-star hotels, the hottest nightspots and the country’s most popular shopping malls are located. The city also allows full access to the top schools, churches, the head offices of all the banks and financial institutions, and embassies. Makati is constantly evolving and reinvigorating itself, transforming into a true megalopolis.

Capturing the spirit of New York and capitalizing on the dynamic growth of Makati, Trump Tower at Century City merges the great vision of two internationally-acclaimed cities in one quality product that will elevate the standards of Philippine real estate.


We endeavor to release construction updates every quarter. Please check back to monitor the progress of this project.

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